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[INF]: Use the correct icon for audio controller devices in the device manager. By Jared Smudde.

CORE-11679 #resolve #comment Committed, thanks!

Fixed write crashes, write support working. Tested on win2k3 sp2 vmware sata

- CExplorerBand: Implement showing the context menu on right click.

- Part of the work submitted by Sylvain Deverre.


    • -2
    • +192

- CExplorerBand: Expand the tree view to the current folder when a new folder is browser (either with the addressbar or by double clicking a folder).

- Part of the work submitted by Sylvain Deverre.


    • -9
    • +164
Added write support, next operation code 53 27.

Implement KeQueryActiveProcessorCount().


    • -0
    • +27
[MMSYS]: Improve AddSoundProfile, by Victor Martinez Calvo (with 1 minor modification by myself):

◾ Don't return TRUE when CB_SETITEMDATA fails.

◾ Avoid pScheme NULL dereference if allocation fails. CID 1223154

◾ Avoid overflowing the destiny buffer by using StringCchCopy() CID 510953


1) Make it more readable by returning as soon as possible when an error happens.

2) Make it more readable by reducing the nested ifs-checks.

3) Remove the added string in the combobox if the sound scheme buffer mem allocation fails (pt.3 modified).

CORE-11603 #resolve #comment Thanks!

    • -19
    • +32
Handled SCSIOP_MODE_SENSE, Fixes made to maxLba count.

FileSystem detection is still not working :/


- Fix MSVC 2013+ build. Patch by Victor Matovykh.

CORE-11575 #resolve


- Add missing dependency

    • -0
    • +1

Changed Default status to SRB_STATUS_INVALID_REQUEST

Added support for 48bits in GetLba function

[ADVAPI32] silence debug spam
    • -2
    • +2

- Fix UserDrawCaptionBar debug spam

    • -1
    • +1

- Unconditionally acquire the VACB lock during map/pin/unpin operations and release it appropriately

CORE-11555 #resolve

CORE-11654 CORE-11504 CORE-11328 #comment This might be fixed with r71993. Could you retry please?


Implement the VGA AC Color Select register.

Implement INT 0x10, AH = 0x10, subfunction AL = 0x13.


- Centralize VACB locking/unlocking into inline functions for easier instrumentation

    • -27
    • +12

Always reset the AC latch before writing to the AC index register.

CORE-11669 #resolve #comment Should be fixed in revision r71990.


- Use helper functions for doing the filtering on the events (idea by Mark Jansen).

- Fix the states of menu items, depending on which event log/item (log file/filter; event item...) is currently selected.

- Correctly empty the event items list & cache whenever an event log/filter is closed (and avoid a crash when all logs/filters are closed and someone attempts to open an event item), during concurrent accesses. I use a reference count and AddRef/Release helpers.

- Get rid of the annoying log loading popup, and use instead the loading message displayed in the events listview as well as a progress-bar in the status bar.


  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Fixed SrbExtension == NULL bug! :D

Updated INQUIRY Fields

Code Fixes

Stable, Tested, AHCI-Detection and Read working

[GDI32] Sync EMFDRV_PolyPolylinegon() with Wine Staging 1.9.14. CORE-11521
[CRT][GDI32] Introduce atan2 library, use it for gdi32 to fix a crash. CORE-11521

As suggested by Thomas :)

    • -0
    • +16

Provide ReactOS specific implementation for WNetGetConnection(), we cannot use Wine's due to Wine specific MountMgr calls.

    • -0
    • +65
    • -0
    • +33
[SHELL32] close hKey in error case
    • -2
    • +3

- Avoid infinite loop in IopMountVolume. Brought to you by Vadim Galyant.

CORE-11663 #resolve

    • -0
    • +1
[SHELL32] Addendum to r71980, RegSetValueEx expects a size in bytes, not chars. CORE-10439
    • -1
    • +1
[SHELL32] cache entries of "New" menu


    • -5
    • +109
    • -49
    • +53

- CDefView: Add the skeleton check that should be used to implement moving items in the CDefView. Nothing more is implemented because GetKeyState is completely unreliable.

    • -1
    • +23
[ADVPACK]: Addendum to r71977: Add the resource file into the CMakeList.


    • -0
    • +1
[ADVPACK]: Add file version information resource.

CORE-7645 #comment Please retest the installation of Visual Basic 6 runtime with revision >= 71977.