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Remove unused parameter from SetAttributeDataLength.


Use self-relative security descriptors only:

- Convert the default service security descriptor to the self-relative format.

- Remove security descriptor format conversions from ScmReadSecurityDescriptor and ScmWriteSecurityDescriptor.

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[SCHANNEL] add missing function to the delayload header. Spotted by Peter Hater. CORE-11270 #resolve

Don't allow renaming a directory if there are opened files in it.

The way we do it for now isn't fully optimal and could be really improved, but that's a first step in the right direction.

This should help getting rid of FAT volumes corruption.

This also fixes a few winetests it seems.

CORE-11426 #comment Patch that fixes bug 3 committed in r71674


- Avoid dereferencing a null pointer in LpcpDeletePort. By Samuel Serapión.

CORE-6850 #resolve


- Add a test for CShellLink GetPath/SetPath behavior with environment variables. Patch by Andreas Maier.

ROSTESTS-229 #resolve

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cs-CZ: "The following information is part of the event:" => "Součástí události jsou následující informace:"

"The following information is part of the event:" => "Součástí události jsou následující informace:"

Fix build (i.e. a change that shouldn't have been done).

- Remove a unused header.

- Start (re)working on the functions that retrieve strings associated to event categories and messages.

- Just display the event category number if we are unable to retrieve its associated string.

- If we cannot retrieve the event source for formatting purposes, use a default string and append the event strings to it.

- Fix some problems related to the usage of 'lpComputerName': this global variable stores the computer name on which the Event Viewer is running (or connected to) and view the available logs. Don't overwrite it with computer names from the events.

- Modify some localized strings in the resource files. Translators, please review/fix translations!

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.

changeset discussion

  1. black_fox: cs-CZ: "The following information is part of the event:" => "Součástí události jsou následující informace:"

- Use C-style comments.

- Move the helper FreeRecords function closer to where it is used.

- Use the EVENTLOG_BASE_KEY define instead of re-hardcoding the registry path to the EventLog service.

[MSI_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.12. CORE-11266
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[MSI] Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.12. CORE-11266
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[PSDK] Add missing msidbServiceInstallErrorControl enum.
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Server now handles multiple connections without crashing, as long as each connection terminates before the next one is established.

Removed misuse of the datagram request lock.

Added two more memory allocation tags, one for connection contexts and one for TCP requests.

Added state variable to ADDRESS_FILE struct to make socket state management cleaner.


Update a file's size in the relevant $FILE_NAME attribute of the index entry in the parent directory.

+UpdateFileNameRecord() - Searches a parent directory for the proper index entry, then updates the file sizes in that entry.

+UpdateIndexEntryFileNameSize() - Recursively searches directory index and applies the size update.

Added my user-mode test programs

Fix Up AddFixupArray - It needs to accept a PNTFS_RECORD_HEADER for parameter 2, not a PFILE_RECORD_HEADER.

Backlogging successful. Server is able to simultaneously receive messages from two different clients. Crashes on client exit due to referencing deallocated memory.

When writing to a file, increase the file size if trying to write past the end.

*FindAttribute() has been given an optional pointer to a ULONG that will receive the offset of the found attribute from the beginning of the record. This is to allow for found attributes to be written back into their file records.


+UpdateFileRecord() - Updates a file record in the master file table at a given index.

+AddFixupArray() - Prepares a file record or directory index for writing to the disk.

Implemented AhciBuild_PRDT
Partial support for lwIP backlogging. Extra connection contexts are stored in a seemingly valid linked list, but their associated TDI_LISTEN IRPs are overwritten on new TDI_LISTEN calls because they are not yet logged.
Add AHK_Tests to ignore list.

Let's see if reverting the doxyfile makes doxygen useful again (or just breaks it)
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Please look at notes.txt for implementation and progress status.
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[i8042prt]: Add yet another Dell Latitude D620 hack to make its trackpad work.

CORE-11431 #resolve


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Add EnumDepend command.

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TDI_SEND and TDI_RECEIVE handlers code-complete. None of it has been tested yet.

Add GetKeyName command.

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fixed portCount boundary problem :D

[MSGINA_APITEST] Add a test for ShellDimScreen, used to fade out the background of the logoff dialog. Thanks to Jared for finding the api, and Hermès for his help! CORE-11422
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