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- Fix a(n) (im)possible buffer overrun. Just a defensive measure in case some future work on calc would trigger this. CID 716050

The ISO of the ReactOS preview for FOSDEM 2017 is ready, so we can tag its branch!
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- Remove a useless declaration.

CORE-12729 #resolve

[TRANSLATIONS] Addendum to r73662, fix the build.
[SHELL32] -CDefView: Calculate correctly the position of the cursor over the icon. Call ImageList_DragEnter only after we are sure that DragEnter will succeed.
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- Check for failure when calling SetupDiGetActualSectionToInstallW so we don't pass garbage to SetupInstallFromInfSectionW. CID 715920

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- fix, update and add some czech translations + two tiny "improvements" in english ones

In case anyone wants to continue - these modules lack czech resources completely:

(and I suggest doing getuname first)

clip comp doskey eventcreate mode taskkill tree whoami wmic xcopy ipconfig net clb diskpart acppage fontext browseui getuname iernonce lsasrv modemui msports rasdlg samsrv tapiui localmon

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[SHELL32] - CDefView: Implement rudimentary support for drag icons. For now we only show the icon of the first item (no caption or other icons yet).
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[SHELL32] Implement support for IID_IDropTarget in CDesktopFolder::GetUIObjectOf and CDrivesFolder::GetUIObjectOf. Fixes dragging items to the icons of My documents, Recycle bin or drive.
- Port the last welcome.exe change from r73658.

- Fix the path to welcome settings for the FOSDEM CD.

- Add the welcome.exe localized customizations for FOSDEM 2017 CD.

[WELCOME]: Addendum to r73656: The application title is also customizable!

Change also the name of some helper functions.

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Port commit r73656 : welcome.ini configuration.
[WELCOME]: Follow-up to r73590: Load a "welcome.ini" configuration file inside the path of the welcome.exe application, if present, that specifies few default values to use for the interface, as well as the path (possibly relative) to a subdirectory containing ini files specifying localized resources for the interface.

[BOOTDATA]: Add a default "welcome.ini" file to the build, only for hybrid-cds. The ini files containing the localized resources are automatically converted to UTF-16 prior to inclusion in the hybridcd.

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  1. /trunk/reactos/boot/bootdata/welcome_config
Port commit r73654 "Fix the dependencies for the hybridcd".
[CMAKE]: Fix the dependencies for the hybridcd.
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[FREELDR]: HACK: Manually reduce the size of the temporary heap from 32MB down to 10MB, because, in some situations (e.g. Bochs, or real HW, see CORE-12694), FreeLDR fails when creating the temporary heap with an "out of memory" error. First investigations seem to show that it's because FreeLDR cannot find a contiguous memory area of such size...

More investigations are in order.

I strongly think that this heap size should not be hardcoded, but instead computed, taking into account for the memory availability on a given system.

Port trunk commit r73651.
[ISOMBR]: Pad isombr.S to the size expected by the 'isohybrid' tool.
Port the following FREELDR trunk fixes:

- Add missing checks for allocation failure in DetectSerialPointerPeripheral and DetectPS2Mouse. Patch by Serge Gautherie. CORE-12623 (r73608).

- Correctly check for buffer overflow in DetectPnpBios. Patch by Serge Gautherie. CORE-12623 (r73617).

Port the following FREELDR improvements:

- Code cleanup/simplifications: revisions 73606,73610,73611,73616,73618, as a prelude to...

- ... a fix so that CD-ROM disks are correctly recognized, even if they hold a MBR in their sector 0 (required for HybridUSB "technology"): commit r73621. CORE-12692

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Port the following trunk fixes:

[NTOS:MM]: Support MmSpecialPoolTag == '*' to mean all tags. By Serge Gautherie. CORE-12711 (r73607).

[CMAKE]: Add missing target-level dependency when passing a target to add_rostests_file (r73613).

[CALC]: Do not push memory stores onto the operation stack since they can't be acted upon. Based on a patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. CORE-12325 (r73620).

[TREE]: Rework the utility (use explicit UNICODE, use WIN32 types, remove useless dependency to user32...), and add support for console ConUtils streams. CORE-12677 (r73622).

[CMD]: The 'type' command can open & display files opened with write access. Patch by 'mjw', CORE-12602 (r73623).

Port the following trunk fixes:

[FRAMEDYN]: Fix integer overflow checks. CID 1101981, 1248380, 1248381 (r73633).

[PSDK]: Remove incorrect bit masking from IsRecognizedPartition & IsContainerPartition. CID 1341188 (r73634).

[DHCPCSVC]: Addendum to r69652: Avoid some more "Operands don't affect result" warnings. CID 515151, 515152, 515153 (r73635).

[FREELDR]: Correctly check for vertical retrace in PcVideoSync. CID 513066 (r73636).

[MSPAINT]: Add missing break in CMainWindow::OnCommand/IDM_FORMATICONBAR. CID 1322024 (r73642).

[BOOTLIB]: Correctly check for floppy devices in BlockIoEfiGetDeviceInformation. CID 1341189 (r73643).

[REACTOS-FOSDEM2017]: Sync with ROS 0.4.4 branch. In particular the following fixes/hacks:

- Apply the Wordpad related hack from CORE-5823 by Jared Smudde (r73624).

- Disable COMMAND.COM debugging messages. CORE-10710 (r73625).

- Add a hack by Thomas to avoid MmGetPhysicalAddress failures during USB transfers. CORE-9224 (r73627).

- Apply the patch that allows us to dynamically change the resolution by resizing in VirtualBox. CORE-6742 (r73628).

- Revert some shell32 work (revisions 73436, 73591 and 73599) on Giannis request to avoid any potential last minute regressions. CORE-12700 (r73629).

- Revert revisions 72835 and 72839 to avoid the FsRtlIsNameInExpressionPrivate crash from CORE-12121. (r73630).

- Mask WndProc exceptions CORE-11915 (r73631).

and the trunk commits:

- Replace some animations with RLE-8 compressed ones; courtesy Jared Smudde. Thanks! CORE-11643 (r73601).

- Some improvements for FreeLdr (r73596).

- The ISOBOOT USB functionality by Colin Finck (r73594 and r73595).

- And other commits (after r73522).

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[ROSAPPS]: Update with trunk r73645.

- By default, boot the livecd without the kernel debugger enabled, but...

- ... augment the FreeLdr "Debugging Mode" option with serial+screen debug ports, so that, if someone wants to run ReactOS with the kernel debugger on real hardware, without serial port, (s)he still can do it and see the debug output.

I do that, until FreeLdr can support run-time editing boot options of existing boot menu entries.

[WALLPAPERS]: Addendum to r73638:

- Second version of the FOSDEM 2017 wallpapers, with better aligned logos.

- Since the FOSDEM wallpaper displays better when not being stretched but centered, use instead centered-style wallpaper.


- Correctly check for floppy devices in BlockIoEfiGetDeviceInformation. CID 1341189.


- Add missing break in CMainWindow::OnCommand/IDM_FORMATICONBAR. CID 1322024.


- Fix broken indentation (-Wmisleading-indentation)

[VERSION]: Addendum to r73588: correctly report the version as 0.4.4 (FOSDEM2017RC).
[NTOS]: Modify the ReactOS boot logo for the FOSDEM 2017 edition, based upon an idea by Jared Smudde.

You were numerous to participate to its selection; I thank you all!