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- Fix a possible null pointer dereference. CID 731448

- Check string length before copying into a fixed size buffer. CID 515207

- Bail out of _CmdWndProc if keyPath is null. CID 1102164

- Use strsafe functions. CID 1102477


- Add missing _sgdt declaration in intrin.h

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    • +1

- Apparently MIN_TRACE isn't enough to get printed...


[USER32] -class.c: Try to use 4 space indentation. Convert tabs to spaces.
    • -627
    • +627

- Print some debugging information when hitting 'p->tot_len == p->len' assertion in TCPSendDataCallback.



- Don't check arrays against NULL. CID 513720, 513721, 1322048, 1322049


- Fix a possible null pointer dereference. CID 515158

[USER32_APITEST] -Add more tests for versioned classes.
    • -13
    • +88

- Patch by Dmitry Timoshkov : Fix groupbox rectangle calculation in the button's WM_SETTEXT handler. BUTTON_CalcLabelRect should use the button font. Otherwise WM_SETTEXT handler gets wrong rectangle to erase an old text.

- Fixes CORE-12464.

[KERNEL32_APITESTS]: Add more tests for FindActCtxSectionStringW.
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    • +11
[WINLOGON][MSGINA] -Remove resource manifests. These two components need some special handling regarding manifests.
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[NTOSKRNL] Fix some possible overruns in FsRtlIsNameInExpressionPrivate + add a test from Thomas. CORE-12121
[HIVECLS]: Fix /file switch in the open command for MSThemes files.
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[FONTVIEW][HIVECLS]: Addendum to r73755 and r73759: .otc is an OpenType Font Collection file .
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Je parle la france.
[HIVECLS]: Fix few command paths.
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- ellipsis is a pointer not an array. CID 1321855

[HIVECLS|FONTVIEW] Fix fontview registration and add additional extensions. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. CORE-6621

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    • +21
[SHELL32] CDefaultContextMenu: Fix starting applications with just one 'static' menu item.
Sync with trunk head r73756. We're back on track!
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Sync with trunk r71184 (moving around the PSDK & tools), taking care of keeping the special headers (see r73754; someone has to decide whether they are actually better than the original wine ones); remove deprecated ntlmssp.rbuild.
  1. … 10621 more files in changeset.
[FONTVIEW] Add support for font collections + show some extra font properties. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. CORE-6621

Some minor changes by me

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Restore also some headers the modifications of which were lost during sync.
Add back ntlmssp and the old code of secur32 that were lost in syncs.
  1. … 22 more files in changeset.
Sync with trunk r71183 (before the revision that moved around the PSDK headers).
  1. … 18302 more files in changeset.
Sync with trunk r59000.
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    • +569
  1. … 9864 more files in changeset.
As this branch contents was technically r54884, sync it first with trunk r57000.
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  1. … 5909 more files in changeset.

- Attempt to speed up loading and displaying logs in EnumEventsThread:

- Rewriting the code fix an infinite loop that could happen under low memory conditions (this potentially speeds things up quite a lot).

- Remove ListView subclassing - sorry Hermès but not only it keeps constantly redrawing under Windows but also adds too much overhead.

- Don't read the event log records one by one but in chunks of roughly 0x7ffff bytes (maximum size allowed).

- Use poor man's "caching" of the event user name (optimizing/caching rest of the stuff in the loop didn't yield any significant speed up).

Result: Loading ~40000 records under Win7 went from 4.5 minutes to 65 seconds.

[KERNEL32] Silence some noise during process creation.
[USER32_APITEST]: Add more tests for RegisterClassEx.