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- The pattern bitmap can get deleted during the GDI cleanup for process before the brush itself.

- Gets rid of some of those pesky "GreDeleteObject: Trying to delete invalid object" debug prints.

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- Use the official libtiff 4.0.3 def file to determine exported functions (instead of exporting everything in GCC builds, nothing in MSVC builds)

- Remove unused ROS-diffs

CORE-6898 CORE-12275


- Addendum to r73626. Convert the print specifiers too so that ping doesn't only output the old specifiers themselves.


- Fix some MSVC-specific definitions

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Fix a few ugly things.

Both Thomas & cppcheck should be happier now!


-Fix a couple of cases where we use the versioned class atom instead of the non versioned one.


- Add support for versioned classes in RegisterClassExWOWW, GetClassInfoExW, GetClassInfoExA, UnregisterClassA, UnregisterClassW, and User32CreateWindowEx

- Make ClassNameToVersion return the name of the versioned class and the library name that implements it while preserving a hack that lets user32 know which classes are registered by comctl32 (this is needed because the default activation context doesn't contain the non versioned classes yet).

- Make VersionRegisterClass to load the specified library and make it register its classes which is used when the class is not registered yet but its manifest is active.

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- Update to version 9b


  1. … 9 more files in changeset.

- Update to version 1.6.28


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- Add and install a manifest for comctl32 version 5.82.

- Since our comctl32 tries to imitate both version 5 and version 6, register its classes twice, once while having the version 6 manifest active and once when having the version 5 active.

- Register the themed versions of the built in controls while having the version 6 manifest active (and register them as global classes). This breaks theming of built in controls until versioned classes get implemented.

- Do not try to subclass the dialog class. This is incorrect and can lead to problems like in CORE-8534, CORE-12727, CORE-8387. This removes the background texture of the themed tabs which will be implemented in the future in uxtheme using api hooks.

This breaks a great deal of theming but keep in mind that it is in the middle of a transition to have them implemented correctly without the terrible side effects (broken ansi conversion, not always using themes for built in controls. However comctl32 is now ready for versioned classes to be enabled.


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- Make the formatting a bit more consistent.


- Remove an useless cast.

[BOOTLIB]: Fix assembly file containing Archx86TransferTo32BitApplicationAsm to use assume:nothing, otherwise we end up with SS segment overrides everywhere.

[BOOTLIB]: Correctly bias access to GDT/IDT registers by 2 bytes since this is a 48-bit instruction. The loaded GDT/IDT was previously invalid and causing random GPFs.

[BOOTLIB]: Fix EfiStall in protected mode. It was previously not stalling.

[BOOTLIB]: Fix calculation in MmMapPhysicalAddress

[BOOTLIB]: Fix missing goto in MmSelectMappingAddress which broke the function in real mode.

[BOOTLIB]: Fix incorrect ranges in MmSelectMappingAddress.

[BOOTLIB]: Fix incorrect offset calculation in MmSelectMappingAddress.

Now hitting (as expected), unimplemented virtual code path in BlMmMapPhysicalAddressEx.

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[0.4.4] Update the release type.
[RUNDLL32] -Load and activate the manifest of the hosted dll before loading the library.
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[NEWDEV] -Use manifest_hosted.rc.
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[BOOTLIB]: Clarify some attributes now that their meaning is clearer.

[BOOTLIB]: Implement MmSelectMappingAddress and fix its prototype.

[BOOTLIB]: Implement MmPapPageAllocatorExtend and fix MmPapAllocatePagesInRange to use it.

We are trying to choose VA 0 for PA 0x8000 and currently fail due to conflicts. TBD.

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PNP_GetDeviceList and PNP_GetDeviceListSize:

- Do not return CR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED by default.

- pulLength is counted in characters, not in bytes!

- Use the correct Relations value for PowerRelations.


Add the PowerRelations value to a comment.


CM_Get_Device_ID_List_Size_ExW and CM_Get_Device_ID_List_ExW count the buffer length in characters, not in bytes!

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Implement IopGetDeviceRelations().

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[SHELL32] -Call CPlApplet export of control panel applets with the correct activation context.
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In order to make VfatVerify() work on something else than floppies, ask for change count when issuing IOCTL_DISK_CHECK_VERIFY

[UXTHEME] -Move the global variables for the scrollbars into the WND_CONTEXT. Hook ThemeGetScrollInfo to set the correct tracking position as tracking is handled completely in uxtheme. Fixes scrolling while dragging the scrollbar thumb in the listview control.
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[UXTHEME] -Remove an overzealous check that prevented the scrollbar from being repainted when the cursor was moving in it.
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[UXTHEME] -Fix the size of the thump in the themed scrollbar. CORE-7988
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    • +16
[COMCTL32] -Fix drawing the borders of themed controls. Patch by Sylvain Deverre. CORE-10761
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[BROWSEUI] -Fix a couple of cases where the tree view can cause a crash.
[USER32_APITEST]: Add a couple more tests for GetClassInfoExW.
[WIN32KNT_APITEST]: Make a test for NtUserGetClassInfo more strict to test its exact return value.

- Kill a noisy debug print

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Don't attempt to verify volume if it was already verified in between

[WIN32KNT_APITEST]: -Make sure that NtUserUnregisterClass works when it gets the versioned class name. Show that NtUserFindWindowEx needs the non versioned class name.