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Fix a property id for a call to NtPlugPlayControl().


Set service status to SERVICE_STOP_PENDING before setting it to SERVICE_STOPPED.


Fix unbootable system after recreating the boot partition

Patch by Wim Hueskens.

CORE-11232 #resolve #comment Thanks a lot!

[USER32]: Now for the real fix: Initialize lpLibFileName and pCtx in User32CreateWindowEx prior to calling ClassNameToVersion.

This avoid passing invalid parameters to VersionRegisterClass (and subsequent functions) afterwards.

Fix suggested by Mark Jansen, thanks!


[USER32]: Fix formatting in User32CreateWindowEx, no code changes.

- Fix spacing in IopActionInterrogateDeviceStack. No code changes.

    • -302
    • +297

- Move functions around.

    • -148
    • +148

- Fix error check in USBSTOR_SelectConfigurationAndInterface. CID 515249


- Avoid event leak in NtQueryInformationFile. CID 716584

    • -2
    • +11
[COMCTL32] -Add initial implementation for BCM_GETIDEALSIZE and support to draw buttons with image lists. This is still WIP and needs tons of new tests. Crappy themes will be displayed like crap for now.
    • -1
    • +130

- Update to version 20170119, since the February version needs more work.

CORE-12833 #resolve

  1. … 204 more files in changeset.

- Free session driver instance using the correct heap. Fixes crash in msacm32_winetest.

- Remove obsolete diff file

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- Avoid building unneeded source files

- Style fixes in the CMake file


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[COMCTL32_APITEST} -Add some more tests and fix build.
[COMCTL32] -These "border sizes" are as good as hardcoded.

Implementation of the install button.

Patch by Baruch Rutman.

Fixes by Eric Kohl.

CORE-7355 #resolve #comment Thanks a lot!

[NTUSER]: NtUserGetObjectInformation, nIndex == UOI_FLAGS case:

- Capture the ObjectFlags to be set in a local variable,

- Then copy its contents in the mem area pointed by pvInformation *under the SEH block*! This allows:

* protection if pvInformation is an invalid pointer;

* avoid to run the "RtlCopyMemory(pvInformation, pvData, nDataSize);" afterwards with pvData == NULL.

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    • +28

Unicodify it.



- Patch to level up scroll bar code, based on mudhead patch. See CORE-12827.

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ReactOS 0.4.4 was successfully released: tag its branch!
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[WININET_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
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    • +19
[WININET] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

07e3181 wininet: Fix some spec file entries.

725b55d wininet: Get rid of no longer needed INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER in get_server.

0d22e43 wininet: Handle INTERNET_INVALID_PORT_NUMBER in HttpOpenRequest.

8c39694 wininet: Changed usage of UrlEscapeW to fit winapi behavior.

b3d12a1 wininet: Canonicalize URL in HttpOpenRequest.

47ff954 wininet: Use return value of sprintf() instead of calling strlen() and simplify code.

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    • +2
    • -12
    • +9
[APPCOMPAT] Fix a memory leak in a failure case (CID 1401161), a 0-length memset that is detected 3 times (CID 1401069, 1401064, 1401062)

Fix LoadSetupData() failure paths (properly).

CORE-11691 #resolve

    • -39
    • +68

Scroll in partitions list doesn't work.

Patch by thc.

CORE-11895 #resolve #comment Thanks a lot!

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    • +21

Define the language specific keyboard layout first. The US keyboard layout should always be the last one (aka fallback). Other languages will probably need the same fix!

CORE-10064 #resolve

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    • +1
[COMCTL32_APITEST]: Add one more test for BCM_GETIDEALSIZE, it is as if it completely ignores BS_BITMAP.
[COMCTL32_APITEST]: -Add tests for BCM_GETIDEALSIZE for non themed v6 buttons.
    • binary

Missing italian translations in ReactOS.

CORE-9725 #resolve #comment Thanks a lot for making this mess! Please don't ever reopen this task again! Create a new one instead!

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[UXTHEME_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823