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[OLEAUT32_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
[OLEAUT32] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

43c59f0 oleaut32: Accept DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND for missing optional parameters in ITypeInfo::Invoke implementation. (v3)

a4f9840 oleaut32: Fix calling function with instance and VARIANT return type. (v2)

78ee7f5 oleaut32: Standardize the heap_xxx() functions.

9e54ae7 oleaut32: Return proper interface pointers.

655af6d oleaut32: Fix OleTranslateColor spec file entry.

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[RICHED20_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
[RICHED20] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

440b921 riched20: Return proper interface pointers.

e63cea5 riched20: A spelling fix in a comment.

9f37f6a riched20: Check for NULL in fnTextSrv_TxSetText and add test.

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[INETCOMM_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
[INETCOMM] I guess I asked too much from svn when I renamed the existing file and then added a new one with the same name as the old.
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[INETCOMM] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

51e1a08 inetcomm: Return S_FALSE if no data is returned in IInternetProtocol::Read.

0672bfa inetcomm: Added support for decoding quoted-printable data.

07af9d0 inetcomm: Added mhtml binding tests.

cf8e259 inetcomm: Added support for binding mhtml protocol handler.

3f644cb inetcomm: Added IInternetProtocolInfo::CombineUrl implementation.

37792a2 inetcomm: Added MimeOleObjectFromMoniker semi-stub implementation.

242cbb1 inetcomm: Added tests reading MHTML page as MIME message.

eb0bd22 inetcomm: Removed unneeded type check in init_content_type.

56dc246 inetcomm: Read content encoding from MIME header.

dec243f inetcomm: Don't include headers in data stream in create_sub_body.

3ccba10 inetcomm: Properly handle boundary in the beginning of body stream in create_body_offset_list.

9c01a94 inetcomm: Use relative seek in copy_headers_to_buf.

915acd6 inetcomm: Added support for decoding base64 in IMimeBody::GetData.

0b80666 inetcomm: Return a new instance of stream in IMimeBody::GetData.

393512d inetcomm: Don't restore base stream position in sub stream Read.

bb5056e inetcomm: Moved sub_stream_t implementation before MimeBody implementation.

a1d0c6d inetcomm: Added COM aggregation support to MimeHtmlProtocol object.

fe3e5b9 inetcomm: Added IInternetProtocolInfo stub implementation.

6832273 inetcomm: Added MimeHtmlProtocol stub implementation.

d5d9aa3 inetcomm: Register mhtml protocol handler.

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[PSDK] Update mimeole.idl. CORE-12823

- Define and use a pool tag for directory security descriptors.

- Use a custom security descriptor to create the KernelObjects directory.

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    • +88
[CRYPT32_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
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[CRYPT32] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

a7d1d77 crypt32: Recognize sha256/384/512 KEY OIDs.

e376123 crypt32: Remove unused parameter and dead code.

254eb21 crypt32: Fix wrong Base64 trailer WCHAR constants.

a2f2de1 crypt32: CryptStringToBinary accepts any header.

552820a crypt32: Fix Base64 issues in CryptStringToBinary.

e353ab6 crypt32: Base64 header requires a space.

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    • +6
    • -269
    • +119
[PSDK] Update wincrypt.h. CORE-12823
[GDIPLUS_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
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[GDIPLUS] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

818b141 gdiplus: Add support for more image color formats.

f8f0a35 gdiplus: Implement GdipInitializePalette. (v2)

973bba9 gdiplus: Ignore an externally set DC clipping region.

650b8d0 gdiplus: Ignore an externally set DC origin.

e100661 gdiplus: Add GdipCreateHBITMAPFromBitmap tests when bitmap bits are locked.

b58276a gdiplus: Reimplement GdipCreateHBITMAPFromBitmap so it can work on locked bitmaps.

5673d82 gdiplus: GpBitmap can be only locked once, get rid of numlocks field.

0eaaa15 gdiplus: Make GpBitmap->bitmapbits access thread safe.

4e685eb gdiplus: Added GdipGetCustomLineCapType().

36bb9d9 gdiplus: Fix some spec file entries.

f870708 gdiplus: Make some GdipDraw*Path() functions static.

046fc19 gdiplus: Fix memory leak in format_string_callback error path.

5018594 gdiplus: Create the FontFamily before checking for duplicates.

0d6a4b0 gdiplus: Don't include rotated fonts in the installed font collection.

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    • -37
    • +81
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    • +1
    • -7
    • +20
[PSDK] Update wincodec.idl. CORE-12823
[PSDK] Update gdiplusenums.h and gdiplusflat.h. CORE-12823
[OLE32_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
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    • +50
[OLE32] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

23607d0 ole32: Implement returning a name in IEnumSTATPROPSTG.

5cf1db5 ole32: Support reading VT_BOOL, VT_R8 and VT_I8 into propery storage.

591c9c8 ole32: Correctly parse unicode property storage dictionaries.

93a8ede ole32: Add a __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attribute to heap_alloc().

182fad8 ole32: Call GetClipboardFormatName with the correct parameters.

e31dd0f ole32: Use a HWND_MESSAGE window for the clipboard.

c85eaae ole32: Only trace a clipboard format name if it has one.

77e566a ole32: Don't set zero-size clipboard data, this no longer works.

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    • +14
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    • +48
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[COMDLG32_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
[COMDLG32] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

e07d20f comdlg32: Don't crash if an IShellFolder could not be created.

bd1b3c1 comdlg32: Use localized "Path does not exist" string.

1707df3 comdlg32: Delay OleInitialize() until after file dialog window is created.

6c4aaf7 comdlg32: Always use original Open File dialog template.

eff2ecc comdlg32: Avoid some superfluous pointer casts.

    • -31
    • +40
[COMCTL32_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
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    • +1
[COMCTL32] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

cc055c4 comctl32: Add support for PSPCB_ADDREF/PSPCB_RELEASE callback notifications. (v2)

83cde06 comctl32/propsheet: Implement PSM_SETHEADERSUBTITLE.

ce9c06b comctl32/propsheet: Implement PSM_SETHEADERTITLE.

1a750f7 comctl32/propsheet: Add helpers to do string duplication.

14a6c98 comctl32/pager: Don't block window size changes.

a6661ba comctl32/propsheet: Added PSM_INSERTPAGE implementation.

34dd326 comctl32/propsheet: Only use header bitmap when asked for it.

6eafebe comctl32/propsheet: Force wizard header if any of pages has title/subtitle.

70c9a96 comctl32: Fix some more spec file entries.

2dd0fb8 comctl32: Correctly set the colour table for ILC_COLOR4 and ILC_COLOR8 imagelists.

a0e73a1 comctl32/syslink: Don't use exported StrCmpNIW().

970029b comctl32/toolbar: Fix TB_SETDRAWTEXTFLAGS handler.

99913e8 comctl32: Fix some spec file entries.

9d404dd comctl32/propsheet: Double size of a template buffer passed to PSCB_PRECREATE.

bb1d68e comctl32/trackbar: Fix TBM_SETRANGEMAX handling when new limit is less than current min boundary.

26067cc comctl32/toolbar: Protect from NULL pointer access in TB_GETBUTTONINFOW handler.

a6aabe0 comctl32/trackbar: Update thumb unconditionally on TBM_SETTICFREQ.

c7c8994 comctl32: Recompute the text width if necessary.

3ed6ba5 comctl32: Set the text and bkgnd colours to the default before the item pre-paint notification.

8915404 comctl32: Use wine_dbgstr_point in TRACES.

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    • -217
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[PSDK] Add missing PSPCB_ADDREF. CORE-12823
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    • +2
[MSI_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
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    • +109
[MSI] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

fe50dbf msi: Do not sign extend after multiplying.

c659222 msi: Fix some spec file entries.

167de42 msi: Make reg_get_{multi}sz() static.

f5e4dad msi: Fix handling of NULL buffer in MsiGetProductPropertyW() (Coverity).

3b5b3ef msi: Fix MSIREG_OpenUserComponentsKey and MSIREG_DeleteUpgradeCodesKey for Wow64.

5ac0242 msi: Correctly size packagecode as it's an unsquashed guid.

    • -5
    • +10
[RPCRT4_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
    • -1
    • +307
    • -0
    • +154
[RPCRT4] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

b85c2f7 rpcrt4: Fix some spec file entries.

042b41d rpcrt4: Avoid potential overflow in rpcrt4_protseq_ncacn_np_open_endpoint.

c32cd11 rpcrt4: Acquire new credential handle for each connection.

da05dfd rpcrt4: Store security package name in rpc_server_registered_auth_info.

f8450fa rpcrt4: Handle NULL binding in RpcBindingInqAuthClient{,Ex}.

    • -0
    • +3
    • -1
    • +5
    • -29
    • +20
    • -1
    • +1
[INF]: Disable hdaudbus.inf registration, because the driver currently crashes on the demo laptops Dell Latitude D531.
[UXTHME] Implement drawing themed text with shadows.
    • -7
    • +65
    • -1
    • +1
[FREELDR]: HACK: Manually reduce the size of the temporary heap from 32MB down to 10MB, because, in some situations (e.g. Bochs, or real HW, see CORE-12694), FreeLDR fails when creating the temporary heap with an "out of memory" error.

See also r73653 for other details.