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Replace calls to ExFreePool by calls to ExFreePoolWithTag.


shutdown -t causes crash

Patch by Michael Fritscher.

CORE-12886 #resolve #comment Thanks a lot!

[CLT-2017]: Add the lstrlenA/W fixes from r74117,r74118,r74119.
[CLT-2017]: For this 0.4.4 release, let's play safe & revert the USB stack import from r73605, as the latter need more real-hardware testing & fixes.
[UXTHEME_APITEST] -Add a test to show that CloseThemeData doesn't use exception handling.
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[UXTHEME] -Fix most new tests for DrawThemeParentBackground. Hackfix CloseThemeData.
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[UXTHEME_APITEST] -Add one more test for DrawThemeParentBackground.
[UXTHEME_APITEST] -Add more tests for DrawThemeParentBackground.

Make CLT logo a bit more... on screen

[USER32_APITEST] -Move the helper functions in the common include directory

[UXTHEME_APITEST] -Use the helper functions to test the messages sent by DrawThemeParentBackground

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Add wallpapers to ISO

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[NTOS]: Modify the ReactOS boot logo for the CLT 2017 edition, similarly to what was done for FOSDEM 2017.
[COMCTL32] -Buttons with the BS_PUSHLIKE style are drawn as if they were BS_PUSHBUTTON. Fixes the appearance of buttons in the advanced appearance dialog.
[KERNEL32]: Check for NULL pointer specified to lstrlenA/W and return null length, as specified in the MSDN doc and checked by the tests of r74118.

This should remove the unwanted 1st-chance exceptions caught when debugging Office 2010 installation, that calls from time to time lstrlen with NULL pointers.

[KERNEL32_APITEST]: Add basic tests for lstrlenA/W, focusing on its special handling of the NULL pointer.

We detect that the NULL pointer is handled separately because no exception is generated, contrary to when the function is called with truly invalid pointers.

I thank Mark for having mentioned the vectored exception handling to me, needed to catch first-chance exceptions.

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[PSDK][NDK]: Add AddVectoredContinueHandler, RemoveVectoredContinueHandler, and RtlRemoveVectoredExceptionHandler, RtlAddVectoredContinueHandler and RtlRemoveVectoredContinueHandler to our headers.
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- Remove scroll bar search that sends another WM_NCCALCSIZE message. Use wine as an example. See CORE-12827.

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[REACTOS-CLT2017]: Cherry-pick few trunk improvements/fixes:

- [UXTHME] Implement drawing themed text with shadows, by Giannis (r74083)

- [MKISOFS] Update mkisofs to schily-2017-02-16, by Colin (r74112)

[REACTOS-CLT2017]: Sync with ROS 0.4.4 release branch. In particular the following fixes/hacks:

- Apply the Wordpad related hack from CORE-5823 by Jared Smudde (r73624).

- Disable COMMAND.COM debugging messages. CORE-10710 (r73625).

- Add a hack by Thomas to avoid MmGetPhysicalAddress failures during USB transfers. CORE-9224 (r73627).

- Apply the patch that allows us to dynamically change the resolution by resizing in VirtualBox. CORE-6742 (r73628).

- Mask WndProc exceptions CORE-11915 (r73631).

[EXPLORER]: Update the Start Menu banner for CLT 2017.

Update mkisofs to schily-2017-02-16, which comes with the following fixes:

- Fix null termination in libschily's Win32 implementation of opendir (submitted upstream by me).

The bug was triggered when building an ISO from a directory instead of a graft-points (.lst) file.

- Prevent -duplicates-once from being used together with -cache-inodes. These options exclude each other.

[OLEAUT32_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
[OLEAUT32] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

43c59f0 oleaut32: Accept DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND for missing optional parameters in ITypeInfo::Invoke implementation. (v3)

a4f9840 oleaut32: Fix calling function with instance and VARIANT return type. (v2)

78ee7f5 oleaut32: Standardize the heap_xxx() functions.

9e54ae7 oleaut32: Return proper interface pointers.

655af6d oleaut32: Fix OleTranslateColor spec file entry.

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[RICHED20_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
[RICHED20] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

440b921 riched20: Return proper interface pointers.

e63cea5 riched20: A spelling fix in a comment.

9f37f6a riched20: Check for NULL in fnTextSrv_TxSetText and add test.

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[INETCOMM_WINETEST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823
[INETCOMM] I guess I asked too much from svn when I renamed the existing file and then added a new one with the same name as the old.
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[INETCOMM] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

51e1a08 inetcomm: Return S_FALSE if no data is returned in IInternetProtocol::Read.

0672bfa inetcomm: Added support for decoding quoted-printable data.

07af9d0 inetcomm: Added mhtml binding tests.

cf8e259 inetcomm: Added support for binding mhtml protocol handler.

3f644cb inetcomm: Added IInternetProtocolInfo::CombineUrl implementation.

37792a2 inetcomm: Added MimeOleObjectFromMoniker semi-stub implementation.

242cbb1 inetcomm: Added tests reading MHTML page as MIME message.

eb0bd22 inetcomm: Removed unneeded type check in init_content_type.

56dc246 inetcomm: Read content encoding from MIME header.

dec243f inetcomm: Don't include headers in data stream in create_sub_body.

3ccba10 inetcomm: Properly handle boundary in the beginning of body stream in create_body_offset_list.

9c01a94 inetcomm: Use relative seek in copy_headers_to_buf.

915acd6 inetcomm: Added support for decoding base64 in IMimeBody::GetData.

0b80666 inetcomm: Return a new instance of stream in IMimeBody::GetData.

393512d inetcomm: Don't restore base stream position in sub stream Read.

bb5056e inetcomm: Moved sub_stream_t implementation before MimeBody implementation.

a1d0c6d inetcomm: Added COM aggregation support to MimeHtmlProtocol object.

fe3e5b9 inetcomm: Added IInternetProtocolInfo stub implementation.

6832273 inetcomm: Added MimeHtmlProtocol stub implementation.

d5d9aa3 inetcomm: Register mhtml protocol handler.

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[PSDK] Update mimeole.idl. CORE-12823

- Define and use a pool tag for directory security descriptors.

- Use a custom security descriptor to create the KernelObjects directory.

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