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[BROWSEUI_APITEST] -Add tests for SHExplorerParseCmdLine for CORE-12882.
[SHELL32_APITEST] -Add some tests for SHParseDisplayName for CORE-12882.
[CONSOLE.CPL]: Spanish translation update by Javier Fernandez, thanks!

CORE-13187 #resolve

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[CONSOLE.CPL]: Fix the console props color buttons (was broken by r74468). Noted by Katayama Hirofumi MZ, thanks!

CORE-13186 #resolve

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- Display download URL in information panel. Patch by Alexander Shaposhnikov.

CORE-12442 #resolve

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[CONSOLE.CPL]: Rewrite the way we deal with console font samples in the console properties dialog:

- Remove the font helper functions that were already moved into concfg/font.c in r74462, and use the latter instead.

- Use a double list for listing the available font sizes for a given face:

* a ListBox for raster fonts;

* a ComboBox for TrueType fonts, allowing the user to specify a custom size.

The raster ListBox is wrapped using the LIST_CTL structure so that we can use

the bisection functions on it.

- Allow the user to specify TrueType font size either in pixels or in points. Raster font sizes however are always in pixels.

- Try to remember the nearest font size across different selected face changes.

- Try to support custom-sized TrueType fonts (using the ComboBox's edit field). May need more improvements!

- Retrieve the correct character cell height & width size in pixels when selecting a font (especially when it's a TrueType one).

- We now support bold console fonts too, see CORE-13122 (thanks Katayama!).

- Remove the commented-out "temporary code for future reference".

- Use a global cached font "hCurrentFont" that gets initialized when the console properties applet is created,

so that we now can have a correct font in the screen samples when one directly views e.g. the "Color" tab,

without going first in the "Font" tab. This current font is of course updated whenever one changes the font settings.

Tested with success on Windows 2003, Windows 7 and on ReactOS.

CORE-13122 CORE-13182 #resolve

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[CONSOLE.CPL]: Minor code refactoring (cont.):

- Use 'hDlg' for the dialog window handle variable (instead of hwndDlg), as already done in other parts of the code;

- Use our regular formatting for function prototypes;

- Use explicit unicode functions;

In addition:

- Correctly check for the dialog controls notifications (within WM_COMMAND message);

- Update the current code page when the code page combobox selection changes, but only notify the property sheet of the change when the combobox contents is validated (either the user pressed ENTER in some way, or the combobox lost its focus).

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[SHELL32] -CMenuBand: Correctly get the setting for flat menus. CORE-8925
[CONSOLE.CPL]: Minor code refactoring:

- Move the bisection functions into their own source file, and make them a bit more general so that they can be used on other types of list structures than win32 combo-boxes.

- Adjust the code in options.c to reflect those changes.

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[CONSOLE.CPL]: Harmonize most of the resources (sizes of dialog controls for some dialogs), and add some new controls in the font dialog that will be used soon.

To translators: Please check that I haven't broken any translations! :)


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[CONSRV]: Improvements for console font support (part 2):

- Use the font functions from the concfg library (see r74462) to create a new console font & retrieve its metrics, inspired by the suggestions from Katayama Hirofumi MZ in CORE-12451 and CORE-13122;

- Use string-safe functions to copy the font names into the fixed-size buffers;

- Use explicit UNICODE calls to GetObject and CreateFontIndirect.

Related to CORE-13182.

[CONSRV]: Use string-safe functions to copy the font names into the fixed-size buffers.
[CONCFG]: Diverse improvements/additions for the console configuration library. CORE-13182

- Use string-safe functions to copy the font names into the fixed-size buffers;

- Modify some default settings;

- Add a set of console font manipulation functions, to be used later by both the console applet console.cpl and by CONSRV.

Some of these functions come from r74365 with minor improvements (see CORE-12451 too), others are based from a patch

by Katayama Hirofumi MZ from CORE-13122, and the rest are needed for an upcoming commit for console.cpl.

- Add PCH support in concfg.

- Minor code formatting: Use our regular formatting for function prototypes.

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Patch all our ISOs (bootcd, bootcdregtest, livecd, hybridcd) with isohybrid in order to make them bootable from HDDs or any kind of USB drives.

The added MBR at the beginning of each ISO doesn't cause any harm for normal CD booting anymore after my patch in r74460.

There is also no need for the dedicated isohybrid targets anymore.

Our ISOMBR master boot record now successfully loads our ISOBOOT boot sector. ISOBOOT loads FreeLdr and indicates that we're booting from HDD, so that FreeLdr can successfully load the kernel.

We then bugcheck in the kernel with either 0x0000007B (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) using bootcd or 0x0000006B (PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED) using livecd.

Testcase is:

qemu-system-i386 -m 512 -hda bootcd_or_livecd.iso

Needs more investigation, but these are separate bugs and I consider CORE-12648 fixed.


Set BootPartition (DH) to 0xFF in isoboot.S when booting from CD.

Then check for that 0xFF value in FreeLdr to unambiguously detect CD booting instead of using BIOS functions (which don't work reliably on broken BIOSes) or checking for an MBR (which doesn't work on hybrid ISOs).



- Update version to RC2.


- Revert r73436 to avoid trouble with VirtualBox Guest Additions.

CORE-13172 CORE-12700 CORE-12765

[UXTHEME] -Use GdiDrawStream in UXTHEME_DrawImageGlyph and UXTHEME_DrawImageBackground.
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- Merge Giannis's imagelist leak fix from r74440/r74443.


- Merge Giannis's rebar leak fix from r74438.


- Merge Giannis's browseui leak fix from r74441.


- Merge Giannis's explorer leak fix from r74437. CORE-13155

[GDI32] -Add a public undocgdi.h file to keep the definitions for undocumented exports. For now it only contains GdiDrawStream.
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Misc fixes in NtQueryDirectoryFile():

- Don't leak auxbuffer

- Don't allow two completion routines

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- Add support for FILE_DELETE_ON_CLOSE

CORE-6931 #resolve


- Avoid a file object reference leak in MmCreateSection.


[SHELL32] -CDefView: Hide the drag image at drop.
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- When mapping a view of the physical memory section, don't check for BaseAddress/SectionOffset alignment. Instead, prevent user mode mappings of views beyond the highest physical page. Fixes flakiness in kmtest:MmSection

CORE-13113 #resolve

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    • +21

Add some more tests for physical memory sections:

- Show that any alignment for SectionOffset/ViewSize is allowed. It will get automatically fixed up to page alignment

- Show that kernel mode can map views beyond the highest physical page, but user mode cannot



- Print the error status and message in IoRaiseInformationalHardError

CORE-13174 #resolve

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