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[USETUP]: Explicitely use the REG_OPTION_(NON_)VOLATILE flags in NtCreateKey calls.

Implement SystemExtendedHandleInformation based on SystemHandleInformation.

To be improved...

Passes ntdll_winetest:info.


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[SHELL32] -CDrivesFolder: Implement returning the appropriate type string in GetDetailsOf. Simplify GetDetailsOf and CDrivesExtractIcon_CreateInstance.
[APPHELP_APITEST] Addendum to r74986, make the test work on win7. CORE-13284
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- Fix C++ version of BM_REQUEST_TYPE without breaking the C version

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[WIN32NT_APITEST] Do not assert on a driver without DirectX support.

- Return STATUS_SUCCESS from the SystemExtendedHandleInformation stub to make Process Explorer happy. Fixes infinite loop on AHK bot.

[WIN32K] Remove an unneeded check at GreGetDIBitsInternal. Patch by Victor Martinez Calvo. CORE-13413 CID 1411972
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[COMCTL32_IMAGELIST] Prevent dereferencing a null pointer.
[SHELL32] Do not fail CFSFolder::GetDisplayNameOf with a NULL pidl, preventing another crash in shell32:CFSFolder
[WIN32KNT_APITEST] Do not assert on the result of an unimplemented function.
[SHELL32] Don't try to follow a null pointer inside CFSDropTarget, this fixes a crash in shell32:CFSFolder
[SHELL32] Expose IID_CDefView in our CDefView implementation, this fixes a crash on shell32:shlview
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Fix pool use after free during user32:clipboard:

- Rename IntIsFormatAvailable to IntGetFormatElement to better reflect what it does

- Introduce a new IntIsFormatAvailable that actually returns BOOL as implied by the name

- In IntAddSynthesizedFormats, call IntGetFormatElement right before its data is actually used, since IntAddFormatedData will invalidate the element pointer.

Thanks to Kamil for the initial investigation on this.

CORE-13408 #resolve

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    • +32

Don't pass a null ptr at MSAFD to avoid dereference.

Fixes crash in ws2_32:sock

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- Initialize BITMAPINFOHEADER::biSize before calling GreGetDIBitsInternal in IntSynthesizeDib. Fixes use of uninitialized memory and subsequent stack buffer overflow.


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- Include the CLIPBOARDDATA structure itself when calculating the size passed to UserCreateObject in IntSynthesizeDib. Fixes user heap corruption when running user32_winetest:clipboard.


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Cosmetic fix

CID 1411968, 1411969


-Subclassed button handler to test button click.

-Minor code cleanup.


Fix reading parameters from registry

CID 1411973

[APPHELP_APITEST] Add tests for ApphelpCheckRunApp[Ex], SdbGetMatchingExe, Sdb[Un]PackAppCompatData. CORE-13284
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Misc. fixes.

CID 1411918, 1411929, 1411919

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[SHLWAPI_APITEST] Add PathFindOnPath tests. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. ROSTESTS-283 #comment Thanks!
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Addendum to r74982, remove some debugging code.
[SHELL32_APITEST] Add tests for PathResolve. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. CORE-12665 #comment Thanks!
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    • +894

Add a loop at the end of SchedServiceMain that will run until a stop event is signaled. This loop will be used to run the schduled jobs.

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    • +43

- Stub NtQuerySystemInformation:SystemExtendedHandleInformation. Avoids crashes in the upcoming ntdll_winetest sync.

CORE-13368 #resolve

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    • +26

Fix UDFS volume size computation.

Note that side effect of this is that free space computation is broken;

due to larger bitmap walk. To be fixed...



[PSDK] Add some missing definitions.
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