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[NTOS]: Use SEH inside CmQueryKey(), as it can be called with user-mode parameter KeyInformation. Remove unused code in CmLoadKey().

I've noticed that in cmapi.c / ntapi.c we do not correctly check the validity of some OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES variables and user-mode vs. kernel-mode registry handles.

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- Add a message box to ask the user to confirm the screen resolution change.

- The resolution change will be reverted if the user clicks 'No'.

A separate dialog box with a timer will be added next.

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- Properly add NTSTATUS code

[NTOS]: Improve a DPRINT.
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Just use REG_FORCE_UNLOAD since we're at it.
[NTDLL_APITEST]: Add tests for NtLoadKey and NtUnloadKey.


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Add some usage

[FREETYPE] Update to v2.8. By Katayama Hirofumi MZ, confirmed by me. CORE-13295
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Use a gflag compatible way to enable Page Heap

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-Added CISFBand.h and CISFBand.cpp

-Adjusted CMakeLists.txt

-Other adjustment to start implementing own CISFBand for quick launch.


Add a quick'n'dirty implementation of gflags utility.

It only covers some page heap usage (enough to enable/disable DPH :-)).

It's syntax compatible with MS one, and with what's written down in ROS wiki.

See: https://www.reactos.org/wiki/Debugging#Debug_Page_Heap_.28DPH.29

  1. /trunk/rosapps/applications/cmdutils/gflags
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[SHELL32] -CMenuBand: forward WM_WININICHANGE to CMenuToolbarBase so that when themes get enabled, the menu bar in explorer becomes flat immediately.

- CShellBrowser: Propagate WM_WININICHANGE to all immediate children.

- CInternetToolbar: Forward WM_WININICHANGE to the menu band to make aware that the flat menus option changed.

[NTOS]: Employ the simple CMP_ASSERT_KCB_LOCK() macro to perform these asserts.
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[NTOS]: Whitespace fixes only.
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- Based on patch by Nikolay Sivov : Fix static control id. Fixes dialog tests, see CORE-13362.


- Skip desktop for positive index. See CORE-13362.

[NTOS]: Fix a bit the CmUnloadKey() function:

- When a hive is unloaded, we *must* set the HIVE_IS_UNLOADING flag before doing anything else (as other code in Cm depends on this);

- If we don't force a hive unload, we *must* check whether there are other opened handles to keys inside this hive, and if so, we must fail.

If this is a force-unload however, we *must* invalidate/close all the opened handles to keys inside this hive, BUT this is left UNIMPLEMENTED at the moment (and therefore expect the already existing problems linked to this to still happen).

- Move the HvFree(Hive); call at the very end, just before deleting the Cm hive, and as is done in CmpDestroyHive().

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[NTOS]: Reorder the destruction code in CmpDestroyHive() to make it similar to the one in CmUnloadKey(). Same remark for a comment in NtUnloadKey2() too.
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[NTOS]: Few improvements:

- Remove few unneeded PCMHIVE "backwards"-casts, and in particular the 1st parameter of CmpUnlinkHiveFromMaster().

- Improve the dprints in CmCountOpenSubKeys().

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[NTOS]: Remove trailing whitespace ; Use a correct pool tag in the CmpFree() call in CmpFreeDelayItem().
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[USBPORT] Bring-in the usbport driver created by Vadim Galyant. CR-111 GitHub PR #27. This is the first module out of many to come, so stay tuned! Many thanks to everyone involved in the code review. Very special thanks for Thomas as his help, insight and reviews helped tremendously.
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[D3D8][D3D9][DDRAW][WINED3D] Sync with Wine Staging 2.9. This work couldn't have been committed without Sebastian Gasiorek's work on CORE-11331 so thanks again! Dedicated to Daniel. CORE-13362
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[WIN32SS] Implement D3DKMT{Create,Destroy}DCFromMemory. Brought to you by Sebastian Gasiorek. CORE-11331 CORE-13362
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[SHELL32] -CMenuBand: When the flat menus style is enabled, shell menu bars should not look like toolbars.

- In the MmMapLockedPagesSpecifyCache test, try to allocate & free memory or unmap a section view in the mapped buffer space


[NTFS] - Add support for expanding the master file table. Fix a bug with BrowseIndexEntries(). Improve diagnostic output.

-AddNewMftEntry() - Increase size of MFT as needed. Fix math for bitmap length. Don't assign file records to MFT indices 0x10 - 0x17; In Windows, these records aren't used unless they have to be, even though they are marked as unused in the bitmap.

+IncreaseMftSize() - Adds room for additional file records in the master file table.

-BrowseIndexEntries() - allow for the rare situation when a non-system file has an MFT index of 0x10.

[NTFS] - Restructure some code in preparation for the next commit:

-SetAttributeDataLength() has been split into two functions, SetNonResidentAttributeDataLength() and SetResidentAttributeDataLength(). This should improve code readibility and allows for resizing an attribute when there's no FileObject associated with it.

-Added "MftDataOffset" member to DEVICE_EXTENSION, which stores the offset of the Mft's $DATA attribute. (I'm starting to think it's better to add a member for offset to NTFS_ATTR_CONTEXT directly, but I'll save that level of restructuring for a future commit.)

[NTFS] - Add some improvements to the previous commit, as suggested by Thomas.