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* Sync up to trunk HEAD (r75230).
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-Created menu resource in qcklnch.rc

-Added resource.h to manage menu resources and all.

-Added IContextMenu.

-Implemented QueryContextMenu and stubbed other methods.

-Handled WM_RBUTTONUP for folder context menus.

-Minor code corrections.

-Tested working of some menu functions in winXP VM, though further testing is required.

[BROWSEUI] -CBandSite: Remove the Close item menu if the band is undeletable. Remove the Show caption menu item if the band doesn't have a caption. Implement showing or hiding the band caption.


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[NTFS] - Fix gcc build. Fix CompareTreeKeys(): Don't consider Key1 a possible dummy key. Don't assume filenames are the same length.
[USBHUB_NEW] Bring-in the USB Hub driver created by Vadim Galyant. GitHub PR #29. As usual, I thank the code reviewers, especially Thomas for contributing most of the reviews, improvements and fix suggestions.
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[BOOTDATA]: Experiment with registry upgrade.

[USETUP]: Fix the name of the txtsetup.sif section to look for when performing a registry upgrade.

[BOOTDATA]: Sprinkle few FLG_ADDREG_NOCLOBBER (0x00000002) flags for registry keys/values that need to remain the same across ReactOS upgrades. This also includes the "Session Manager\DOS Devices" as well as the "Session Manager\Environment" values!

Also, fix the default LastKnownGood value to the 'Current'/'Default' one. These values should also not be touched across upgrades (well, they can be touched manually by the (u)setup program, but they must not when updating the registry in bulk).

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[NTFS] - Fix a couple of issues spotted by Thomas: Maintain alphabetical ordering of CMakeLists.txt, fix casts to BOOLEAN with BooleanFlagOn macro.
[NTFS] - Begin to implement B-Trees. Allow for creating several new files in a directory.

NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Add CaseSensitive parameter. Update to use new B-Tree code: First, the index is read and converted to a B-Tree in memory. Next, a key for the new file is inserted into the tree. Finally, the tree is converted back to an index root attribute which is written to disk.

+btree.c - Includes functions related to B-Trees (AKA B*Trees).

ntfs.h - Added several structures for representing B-Trees in memory.

Known limitations: For simplicity, only trees with a depth of one are currently supported (i.e. an ordered list of filenames). Directories that have or will require an index allocation to store all their filenames are still TODO. As a consequence, the user will only be able to create about 6 files in a directory.

[CMLIB]: Addendum to r63495: Fix the CmpCopyKeyValueList() helper to make it what it is supposed to do: copy the list of values of a given key: this means, also copying the values themselves!!

For that aim I also introduce a CmpCopyValue() helper that allows copying the value data of a given registry value, taking into account whether the value is "small", normal or "big" (we don't support "big values" yet). This function allocates and copies the necessary hive cells corresponding to the given value. Only then, we add a new entry into the registry key value list that is grown dynamically.

Cleanup is performed in case of failure.

Now we can export registry sub-trees as registry hives, and successfully re-mount them in the registry.

CORE-13476 CORE-8259 CORE-10793

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[CMLIB]: Adjust the old-style parameter annotations for two functions.
[FORMATTING][RAPPS] available.cpp: Fix braces

* Separated available and installed version.

If the app is installed it's DisplayVersion is shown.

* Reduced registry key access checks

* Version parser WIP

[SHIMDBG] Add option to dump file properties.
[APPWIZ] Enable the 'Cancel' button while downloading. Patch by Jared Smudde and 'thc'. CORE-9629
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[BROWSEUI] -CBandSite: Implement the context menu of the rebar. It queries the IContextMenu if the band and appends to it a static menu part that can show or hide the title and close the toolbar. Showing or hiding the title isn't implemented yet.
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Fix all EnumPrintProcessorDatatypes API tests.


Prevent duplicate declaration of NTSTATUS.


Prevent duplicate declaration of STRING and PSTRING.


- Add netlogon RPC binding code.

- Implement NetGetAnyDCName. This function calls its counterpart in the netlogon service.

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* Reduced "installed" check - checks only for the key inself and not the DisplayName.

Blazing fast!

* Added installed version getter

* Added version parser function (without definition yet).

Meant to support versions like

* rapps.h: Added #pragma once


- Stop passing DO, directly pass VCB

- Try to compute some unique value as internal ID for objects. As MS, return the LBO



Fix GCC build


Add a simple API Test for netapi32.dll, only covering DsRoleGetPrimaryDomainInformation so far.

It succeeds in ReactOS, but outputs a heap error in the debug log. In real world applications, this later leads to a heap assertion failure.

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- Create the actual generic handle in _LocalOpenPrinterHandle.

- Fix _RpcClosePrinter call.

- Enable many more tests in winspool_apitest, GetPrinterData.

- Bail out with ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER for empty strings in _MakePrinterSubKey as well.

- Add the Name registry value for "Dummy Printer on LPT1" to make a test succeed.

This fixes many basic things.. which only got unnoticed, because Printing is only used in the form of API Tests so far.



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Fix copy-paste mistakes in messages.

[APPHELP_APITEST] Add tests for SdbGetMatchingExe, to test matching on version resources. CORE-13284
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