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Patch by Serge Gautherie:


hivesys.inf: Put 'Mup' service back in 'File System' group. (Fix r72450)

Fixes installation of Vmware Tools which was always hanging.

CORE-12107 #resolve

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Complementary to r75353: implement RxCancelNotifyChangeDirectoryRequestsForFobx()



Implement RxNotifyChangeDirectory(), RxLowIoNotifyChangeDirectoryCompletion(), RxCancelNotifyChangeDirectoryRequestsForVNetRoot()

This means the first parts of the directory watch are here. Though, NFS driver doesn't support these, but at least, it reduces the UNIMPLEMENTED spam!


[SHELL32] -Move CFSExtractIcon_CreateInstance to CFSFolder.cpp
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[USBPORT] Fix incorrect transfer direction for URBs. Patch by Vadim Galyant. CORE-13546
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- CDesktopFolder: Create the enumerators of the internal fs folders and add their items in its own list instead of calling CreateFolderEnumList which enumerates ... files.

- Remove CEnumIDListBase::CreateFolderEnumList and move its code to CFileSysEnum::Initialize.


In case a FSD doesn't support directory changes notifications, don't try to requeue a notification each time it returns 0 data.

Just quit instead.



Avoid double-free and use-after-free in case the FSD fails to register the change directory notification



- Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ : Add counts to path data. See CORE-13536.

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[USETUP][SETUPLIB]: Improve how the Setup* INF APIs are interfaced in the code.

Define prototypes compatibles (including their calling convention) to the ones defined by setupapi (.h/.dll) so that it can be possible to either use

an internal implementation of these functions (via the inflib library), as currently done, or using imported setupapi functions, as would be done by

the future 1st-stage GUI installer.

[SETUPLIB]: Cleanup the registry.c file and use the infsupp.h header.

Fixes build that was technically broken since r75247.

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Sync with trunk r75344 to get the inflib stuff in place.
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    • +49
[USETUP]: Also adapt the INFCONTEXT structure here.
[INFLIB][FREELDR]: Introduce a (non-used) "CurrentInf" field in the INFCONTEXT structure, to make it compatible with the "standard" one defined in setupapi.h, so that it can be possible to either use our inflib or setupapi.dll in our code.

This will break build inside usetup, and this will be fixed in the next commit.

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[APPHELP_APITEST] Convert test_match_ex to a data driven test + fix a bug in the apitest.
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    • +39
[SPOOLSS] Stub BuildOtherNamesFromMachineName as seen in wine commit cdb5f35. This fixes a crash in spoolss:spoolss
[APPCOMPAT] Various fixes.

- Simplify shimdbg output as suggested by Thomas

- Simplify media/sdb/sysmain.xml

- Fix some warnings + a debug print

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    • +49
[ADNS] Add function to return number of DNS servers available for query.

[DNSAPI] Use newly added function to return without search if no DNS servers are available.

CORE-13441 #resolve

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And sync my branch too, to trunk r75337. Now compilation works again.
[WIN32K]: Addendum to r75332 : fix variable usage without initialization error C4700 (certainly due to a copy-paste error), caught by MSVC compiler...


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Sync again with trunk r75335 because I want a fully synced branch for my next experiments.
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[GETUNAME]: Translation update by Sergey Stopkin.

CORE-13222 #resolve

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[RAPPS] Showing info from Languages sectin

- Created dummies & added new string resources

- lang/uk-UA.rc: translated all strings

- crichedit.h: safe text add

[CMAKE]: Correctly set valid PE image version numbers for the OS subsystem (GCC builds), and image and OS version numbers from the NT OS version ReactOS is based on.
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    • +12

- Implement PATHOBJ_Xxx service routines, see CORE-13536.

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    • +457
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[USERINIT]: Some changes:

- Split TryToStartShell() into a StartProcess() function whose aim is to just start processes, and TryToStartShell() whose aim is to start a shell (using the previous function) and perform extra initialization.

- Modify StartInstaller() to call StartProcess() for starting the ReactOS GUI installer found on the installation media, from a path automatically expanded depending on the ambient CPU architecture.

[WELCOME (autorun)]: Automatically expands the path to the ReactOS installer executable found on the installation media, depending on the ambient CPU architecture.

- Update path structure for future use.

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    • +18
[RAPPS] Language loading

- RAPPS now can load language list from a file where locale identifiers are separated by '|'

`Language=0C09|0813|0422 \\English|Dutch|Ukrainian`

The only limitation is that the parameter is only 260 chars.

So there arises another goal - multiline parameters

- This list is stored in `CSimpleArray<CStringW>` as strings

Maybe it would be wiser to store them as INT array.

- Some refactoring


- type cast issues solved for runtimebas and doorbellbase

- controller check function written to test teh event ring and command ring functionality.

- Finally inetrrupt is being generated upon connecting a pen drive. Interrupt service function is being called



- Remove old GDI structure and use the new one.

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