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Update start menu banner.


- Branch for the release

  1. … 27681 more files in changeset.

When CcFlushCache fails, properly set status before leaving.



In case NFS session expires while reading/writing to a file, renew the session instead of just failing.

This avoids not being able to transfer any file with slow connection, and not being able to transfer big files with normal connection.




In case of synchronous read, it's legit for the FSD to notify EOF by returning success & zero read length.

It fixes never ending reads when copying a file from NFS to local disk.





Don't forget to set RX_CONTEXT_FLAG_FROM_POOL flag when allocating a new RX_CONTEXT structure from pool.

This avoids leaking it afterwards and exhausting NP pool when using NFS.





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- Implement RxAcquireFcbForLazyWrite(), RxAcquireFcbForReadAhead(), RxReleaseFcbFromLazyWrite(), RxReleaseFcbFromReadAhead()

This makes RXCE better at dealing with Cc (and the other way round ;-)). This notably avoids infinite acquire loops from Cc when writing on a NFS share.



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[EXPLORER] -Fix calculatting the size of the tray icons for ral this time. When positioning the windows in the tray take into account the theme content margins.
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[UXTHEME] -Fix for the 3rd or 4th time the bug where the caption window overflows over the caption buttons which was last broken by me in 74960. CORE-13435
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[UXHTEME] - ThemeDrawCaptionText: Get the TMT_CONTENTALIGNMENT theme property and position the text accordingly. Patch by Stas'M. CORE-13600
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[COMCTL32] -Take into account the upper theme margin when drawing the icon so that it doesn't look misplaced. This makes the themed taskbar buttons look more or less good despite the fact that we completely ignore the left and right margins.

- Patch by MudHead : Combobox sends a message to the deselect the text when focus is lost.

CORE-10266 #resolve

[RAPPS] Incorrect "C" symbol replaced in the rest of the files
[RAPPS] Incorrect symbol replaced (why was it there though)
[RAPPS] Bulk install!

- Added ListView class

- Added ListView to a dialog

Dialog shows the install progress of individual apps. It also waits for an installator to finish before issuing another download-install cycle.

- Fixed: Downloads pointing to "\"

- Fixed: Selection data is not retrieved correctly

- Yet again replacing some macros to wide functions

- Minor improvements

[APPHELP] Various cleanup tasks

- Move debug heap functionality to a separate file

- Clean includes

- Remove msvcrt dependency

- Clean up string usage

- Remove some higher level functions in favor of their ntdll counterparts (wip).

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-Added hotplug.cpp for handling removable devices notification icon.

-Modified CMakeLists.txt et al to plugin this hotplug to stobject.

-Added basic code to test the hotplug icon and integrate it with stobject.

-Tested in xpvm, needs further testing.

[EXPLORER] -Implement changing the size of the icons in the notification area when the non client metrics change. Now they always have the size of the title bar icon. Center vertically or horizontally the notification area in the taskbar.
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[APPHELP] Use DbgPrint instead of OutputDebugString + fix SDBAPI_DEBUG_ALLOC
[NTFS] - Add some improvements to B-Tree support. Add preliminary support for trees of arbitrary depth. Add support for creating files in directories which have an index allocation, provided there aren't too many files and the node doesn't need to be split.

-CreateBTreeFromIndex() - Fix memory allocation; allocate sizeof(B_TREE_KEY) bytes for the key, not the size of the pointer. Add support for child nodes. Update parameter list.

-CreateIndexRootFromBTree() - Update Header->Flags if any of index root's keys have sub-nodes.

+CreateIndexBufferFromBTreeNode() - Converts a B-Tree node to an index buffer to be written to the index allocation.

+UpdateIndexAllocation() - Updates all of the stale nodes in an index allocation based on a PB_TREE.

+UpdateIndexNode() - Writes a B-Tree node into the index allocation.

+CreateBTreeKeyFromFilename() - Creates a PB_TREE_KEY based on a FILENAME_ATTRIBUTE.

-DestroyBTreeKey() - Destroy a child node, if present.

-DumpBTreeKey() - Dump a child node, if present.

-DumpBTreeNode() - Include Node->KeyCount in output.

-NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Call UpdateIndexAllocation() prior to CreateIndexRootFromBTree().

-Update B_TREE_FILENAME_NODE with members to keep track of its existence on disk.

[ATL]: - Both the CAtlList class and its helper class CNode do not support copy construction. - Remove a redundant call to GetFreeNode().


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- Fix import order

- Remove unnecessary imports

[NTFS] - Add GetAllocationOffsetFromVCN() function, which was mistakenly left out of the last commit.
[NTFS] - Add some utility functions and improve some comments. Improve NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory().

+PrintAllVCNs() - Diagnostic function which prints VCN of every node in an index allocation.

+GetAllocationOffsetFromVCN() - Calculates location of an index buffer from the node's VCN.

+GetInfoClassName() - Gets a string representation of an info class enumeration, to speed up development of unimplemented classes.

-NtfsSetInformation() & NtfsQueryInformation() - Use GetInfoClassName to report unhandled information classes.

-CompareTreeKeys() - Add a comment and clarify some comments.

-NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Don't try to update the size of Index Root on disk if the attribute length hasn't changed.

[NTFS] - After creating a new file, update creation disposition before calling NtfsCreateFile() recursively. This fixes creating a file via right-clicking in a folder.

Import commits by Kaho Ng <ngkaho1234@gmail.com> from upstream:

- b7657e5 Ext3Fsd: Introduce VCB_RO_COMPAT_READ_ONLY flag for struct VCB

- e7c1142 Ext3Fsd: EXT4_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_64BIT is not supported

- 785943f Ext3Fsd: fix issue #6

Refuse mounting filesystems with incompatible flags. This avoids corrupting 64bits filesystems.

Patch by Lubomir Rintel



Delay load NTDLL_vista, in order to save *380KB* at boot.



- Misc fixes with DPRINTS


- In RxFinalizeSrvOpen, always dereference the FCB, it's always referenced on SRV_OPEN creation

- Misc fixes with DPRINTS

With that revision and r75419, I'm now able to mount a NFS share, browse it, read a file from it, and unmount it.

We're OK regarding references counting!




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Revert r75348.

Because of r75349, this revision was made useless, and even worse, it was leaking a handle to the directory where the FSD doesn't support notifications.

Also made some debug traces more useful


- Enable drag cancellation -- patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ

CORE-13395 #resolve