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[RAPPS] Add a SHA1 sum to uTorrent.


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-Documented the required functions and modules.

-Minor cleanup.


-Documented the required functions and modules.

-Minor cleanup.

[UXTHEME] -Ignore the alpha channel so that TrasnparentBlt will be used when a bitmap has an alpha channel but no pixel has alpha transparency. CORE-13464
[BROWSEUI] -CExplorerBand: Calling ILGetDisplayNameEx with a full pidl was a bit hacky after all because it doesn't work always in win10. Just get the name manually as no helper is good enough.
[RAPPS] RC of final commit

- Hide checkboxes in "Installed"


- Andrew Eikum : Update metafile world transform immediately in winnt mode.

- More information at https://www.winehq.org/pipermail/wine-cvs/2017-August/122607.html .


- Fixed crash when trying to double-click in the "Installed" category

- Replaced APPLICATION_INFO with CAvailableApplicationInfo

- Added DownloadInfo struct as a replacement of APPLICATION_INFO in CDownloadManager

- Minor fixes


- Fixed typo in lang/ru-RU.rc


- Fix missing shortcuts on desktop for Ukrainian localization.

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- Fixed switching between "Installed" and "Available"

- Added default icon to "Installed"


- Revert s_EnumInstalledAppProc()


- Amend last commit - added gui.h


- Removed hard-coded string leftover

- Re-enabled Installed category

[BROWSEUI][SHELL32] -Move bitmap resources used by browseui from shell32 to browseui. Browseui alongside filebrowser.exe can already be used in windows so it makes sense to let it have toolbar icons even in latest windows versions. (It works from xp to win10).
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[SETUPLIB]: Initialization fixes:

- Use correct inf style flags in SetupOpenInfFileEx() calls when opening txtsetup.sif and unattend.inf. Technically txtsetup.sif would be INF_STYLE_WIN4

but since we use "$ReactOS$" as its version signature, it would not work when opening it with setupapi.dll functions. Hence I combine the flag with INF_STYLE_OLDNT too.

- Don't fail if opening the \SystemRoot symbolic link doesn't work (usually due to incorrect access rights); in that case, just use the installer image file path as the installation source path.

[BOOTDATA]: Move an inf comment where it belongs.
[SETUPLIB]: Move the bootsup.c code into the setuplib, as the code is generic enough to be used by both USETUP and the 1st-stage GUI installer.

[USETUP]: Perform the necessary adjustments.


- Added language strings to all .rc

- Replaced hardcoded strings with resource counterparts

- Fixed settings loading always default

- Fixed force update not working

- Removed hInst from LoadStringW() where possible

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.

- Remove unnecessary thread reference in IsThreadSuspended.

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[NTFS] - When creating files:

-Don't add a preceding backslash when creating files on root.

-Use NTFS_FILE_NAME_POSIX name type if CaseSensitive option is specified.

-Don't try to create a file when a folder is requested (folder creation is still TODO).

[BROWSEUI] -CAddressEditBox: Populate address bar combobox. Patch by Barrett Karish with improvements by me to fix leaks and add error checks. CORE-10988
[USETUP]: Add few checks to forbid the user to attempt installing ReactOS in the installation source directory, or a subdirectory thereof, or to delete the partition containing the installation source.

This is needed because the ReactOS installer can also be present from within a HDD partition!

[REACTOS]: More interfacing of the 1st-stage GUI installer with the setuplib:

- Add a ConvertNtPathToWin32Path() helper function that allows me to convert NT paths like: \Device\CdRom0\i386\txtsetup.sif file into a Win32 path that the Win32 versions of the SetupApi functions (e.g. SetupOpenInfFileW) can accept.

Note that RtlNtPathNameToDosPathName() cannot be used here because this function only works for NT paths within the \DosDevices\ (or \??\) NTObj directory, and not in other directories.

- Use this helper function in the implementation of SetupOpenInfFileExW. Now the txtsetup.sif function can be loaded by setuplib *when being used* by the 1st-stage GUI installer!

- Remove deprecated code.

[SETUPLIB]: - Compute the installation source paths based on the full path of the installer program that uses the setup library. - Add INF_STYLE_OLDNT define in infsupp.h. - Add some (silenced) diagnostic DPRINTs.
[SHELL32] -Silence two unneeded prints.
[SHELL32] -CRecycleBin: Call GetDriveTypeW with correct parameters. Now files can be deleted to the recycle bin again. Patch by Serge Gautherie. CORE-12340

- HACKFIX for ReactOS in gui.cpp - prevent counting below zero

see explanation comment

- Fix for percentage being shown incorrectly

[USER32_APITEST] -Add a monster of a test to check if WM_DESTROYCLIPBOARD is blocking or not. Use a critical section while recording as we use a single message cache in two threads. After 50154, 50816, 50846 and 75616 changing back and forth, this test shows that 75616 is correct and making sure that it won't be changed again in the future, somehting that would break the ole clipboard.
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Changes in the update process:

- Made UpdateAppsDB() functions static and added ForceUpdateAppsDB()

- EnumAvailableApplications() doesn't update DB on it's own

- Force updating now done only if bUpdateAtStart set or if no settings loaded (first run)

- Minor cleanup