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- Update explorer banner


- Update version for release

[NTFS] - Add some helper functions for new features. Add some fixes. Add support for creating an index allocation, splitting a b-tree node, or "demoting" the index root. This allows for file creation without functional limitations.

+AddBitmap() - adds a $BITMAP attribute to a file record.

+AddIndexAllocation() - adds an $INDEX_ALLOCATION attribute to a file record.

+CountBTreeKeys() - Counts the number of linked B-Tree keys.

CreateIndexBufferFromBTreeNode() - Set INDEX_NODE_LARGE if the node has sub-nodes.

CreateIndexRootFromBTree() - Simplify the usage and math of MaxIndexSize; make it only account for the cumulative size of the index entries.

+DemoteBTreeRoot() - Replaces the contents of an index root with a dummy key, and puts those contents in a new node, which is made a child of the dummy key. This is done when an index root grows too large.

+GetIndexEntryVCN() - Retrieves the VCN from an index entry.

NtfsAddFilenameToDirectory() - Fix math for MaxIndexRootSize.

NtfsInsertKey() - Add support for splitting a B-Tree node. Don't check size of index root (that will be handled later).

+SplitBTreeNode() - Called when a B-Tree node grows too large.

UpdateIndexAllocation() - Create an $I30 index allocation attribute and bitmap attribute if needed.

UpdateIndexNode() - Update children before updating the current node. Store VCN of child nodes in the index entries of their respective keys.

[EXPLORER] -Fix a comment typo. CORE-13566
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[CMD]: Russian translation for the START command, adapted from amber CORE-13248, jperm CORE-13560 and reviewed by Alexander Shaposhnikov (sanchaez). Thank you all :)

Addendum to r75369.

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- Properly set svn:eol-style. These files are text, so they shouldn't be marked as binary, and they need to have CRLF line endings since they go on the iso.

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Sync with trunk r75702.
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[RAPPS] Final commit

- Removed atlex

[SETUPLIB][USETUP]: Move the settings code from usetup to setuplib (since it'll be needed for 1st-stage GUI installer as well...), apart from the code dealing with keyboard layouts, since the latter uses MUI* functions from usetup.

I'll try to think how to include that in setuplib...

[USETUP]: Add an AddEntriesFromInfSection() helper, inspired by the reactos/reactos.c!LoadGenEntry() function, that enumerates the entries of a given INF section, and adds these into a (user-allocated) GENERIC_LIST after some pre-processing.

Use this helper in the different Create*List() functions.

[USETUP]: Whitespace fixes.
[USETUP]: Simplify code.
[USETUP]: Formatting fixes only.
[UXTHEME] -When calculating the size of caption buttons assume that they have the same size. Hacks in the theme files that change the way the buttons are drawn actually make them appear to have a different size. CORE-13512
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[SETUPLIB]: Move the files that implement utility functions into their own subdirectory. The files remaining in the main directory implement setup procedures that use the utility functions.
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[NTFS] - Fix increasing the mft size, to keep chkdsk happy.

IncreaseMftSize() - Add some fixes. Write blank records to newly-allocated mft entries, and update $MFTMirr when finished; these changes are needed for chkdsk. Increase size by 64 records instead of 8.

+UpdateMftMirror() - Backs up the first ~4 master file table entries to the $MFTMirr file.

[NTFS] - Fix for C89 compliance.
[NTFS] - Add support for directory creation. Add some helper functions, some comments, and some fixes.

+AddIndexRoot() - Creates an $INDEX_ROOT attribute and adds it to a file record.

AddNewMftEntry() - Make sure the buffer used by RtlInitializeBitmap() is ULONG-aligned, and a ULONG-multiple in size, per MSDN.

AllocateIndexNode() - Calculate BytesNeeded correctly. Read $BITMAP attribute before increasing its length, in anticipation of a future commit that will check for a free bit before assigning a new index record to the end of the allocation. Use appropriate Set*AttributeDataLength() function, as $BITMAP can be resident or non-resident.

B_TREE_FILENAME_NODE - Give two members more accurate names: change "ExistsOnDisk" member to "HasValidVCN" and rename "NodeNumber" member "VCN."

+CreateEmptyBTree() - Creates a B-Tree to represent an empty directory (for AddIndexRoot).

+NtfsCreateEmptyFileRecord() - Creates an empty file record in memory, with no attributes.

CreateIndexRootFromBTree() - Fix TotalSizeOfEntries calculation.

+NtfsCreateDirectory() - Creates a file record for an empty directory and adds it to the mft.

[RAPPS] Add a SHA1 sum to uTorrent.


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-Documented the required functions and modules.

-Minor cleanup.


-Documented the required functions and modules.

-Minor cleanup.

[UXTHEME] -Ignore the alpha channel so that TrasnparentBlt will be used when a bitmap has an alpha channel but no pixel has alpha transparency. CORE-13464
[BROWSEUI] -CExplorerBand: Calling ILGetDisplayNameEx with a full pidl was a bit hacky after all because it doesn't work always in win10. Just get the name manually as no helper is good enough.
[RAPPS] RC of final commit

- Hide checkboxes in "Installed"


- Andrew Eikum : Update metafile world transform immediately in winnt mode.

- More information at https://www.winehq.org/pipermail/wine-cvs/2017-August/122607.html .


- Fixed crash when trying to double-click in the "Installed" category

- Replaced APPLICATION_INFO with CAvailableApplicationInfo

- Added DownloadInfo struct as a replacement of APPLICATION_INFO in CDownloadManager

- Minor fixes


- Fixed typo in lang/ru-RU.rc


- Fix missing shortcuts on desktop for Ukrainian localization.

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- Fixed switching between "Installed" and "Available"

- Added default icon to "Installed"


- Revert s_EnumInstalledAppProc()