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[ATL] Fixed atlcoll.h ignoring _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS
[ATL] CStringT fixes

- Added copy constructor and assignment from CSimpleStringT to CStringT

This fixed initialization while using `operator+` in GCC.

```CStringW s = a + b; ```

operator+ operators are defined for CSimpleStringT.

It worked in MSVC because it did implicit conversion of CSimpleStringT to PCXSTR which called appropriate CStringT constructor.

GCC doesn't do such conversions and triggers an error.

- Unified `operator=(CStringT, PCXSTR)` with the rest

* Sync with trunk HEAD (r75820).
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[RAPPS] Moved cabinet.dll related definitions to separate header
Commit forgotten part of the Esperanto support from r75378.


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- really check whether the requested pixel is outside of the surface in NtGdiGetPixel


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[NTFS] - Respect NTFS' file ordering when enumerating a directory. Split off part of BrowseIndexEntries() into a separate function to simplify the code.

AddNewMftEntry() - Zero the (larger) buffer for the bitmap prior to reading the bitmap.

BrowseIndexEntries() - Check sub-nodes before checking an index entry. Read and use the index bitmap when checking sub-nodes.

+BrowseSubNodeIndexEntries() - Called for sub-nodes of an index when browsing index entries.

+NtfsDumpData() - Diagnostic function which allows for visualizing a series of bytes.

[RAPPS] Replaced my @gmail.com email with @reactos,org one & Removed my copyright from rosui.h
[RAPPS] License header unification and minor style changes

- Unified & reformatted license headers according to https://www.reactos.org/wiki/Coding_Style

- Minor style changes

[RAPPS] CConfigParser cleanup

- removed `static` from strings declaration as pointed out by gadamopoulos

[RAPPS] Renamed CmdParser to UseCmdParameters
[RAPPS] resource.h: Added missing space
[RAPPS] Deleted installdlg.cpp as unused
[RAPPS] Settings Dialog changes

- replaced `static` with unnamed namespace (static in this context was deprecated in C++03)

- fixed `Choose Folder` dialog text not loading the first time (trivial)

[RAPPS] Replaced double ternary operators with one `if` for readability
[RAPPS] Library load fixup in crichedit.h
[CMAKE] Fix configure script issuing a warning on CMake parameters like -DFOO:BOOL=TRUE. Bug found by Thomas Faber.
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Update mkisofs to schily-2017-09-07.

Among other things, this version comes with an upstream fix for David's x64 fix in r75399. We are now using 100% unmodified upstream code again.


- Revert ext2 change from r71341, since it's only a drop in the bucket


Implement fsutil hardlink create

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[APPHELP_APITEST][APPSHIM_APITEST] Update the license headers
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[XML2SDB][SHIMDBG] Update license headers
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[ACLAYERS][ACGENRAL] Update license headers + include cleanup.

- fix some typos and copypastas

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[APPHELP][ACPPAGE][SHIMLIB] Update license headers
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- some tweaks, optimizations and fixes for the free/used disk space pie chart drawing code to properly cover all corner cases and remove minor drawing artifacts



- don't allow multiple instances of the find/replace dialog



Sync to 1.0


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Fix MSVC build?



Add missing header