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[TIMEOUT]: Use a waitable timer to wait for a maximum of 1 second, instead of using some Sleep(100) calls. The only Sleep() call allowed is the Sleep(INFINITE) one.

Revert r75975 because of failures in the advpack files winetest.

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Terminate the path name at the last slash when a file is opened using the IO_OPEN_TARGET_DIRECTORY option. This fixes some IoCreateFile kernel mode tests.

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Implement NetLogonSetServiceBits().

[WINLOGON][WIN32K][WINSRV] -Silence a lot of debug prints in the shutdown sequence. Add some debug prints in case of error. Also print the name of the processes that get terminated. Keep the debug prints that show the parameters that are passed to SrvExitWindowsEx and WM_LOGONNOTIFY.
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Implement NetStatisticsGet() and move NetpNtStatusToApiStatus().


Rename misc.c to utils.c because misc.c will be used for something else.


Add proper client implementations for NetQueryDisplayInformation() and NetGetDisplayInformationIndex().

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W2K3ify GetVolumeInformationA().

Also fix a regression brought by GetVolumeInformationW() rewrite (yay, winetests!).

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[TIMEOUT]: Implement the TIMEOUT utility (found on Win2k3 and upwards). This is an improved "pause" command, with elapsed time count display.

Based from a patch by Lee Schröder, with modifications by myself.

CORE-10044 #resolve

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  1. ./base/applications/cmdutils/timeout/lang
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- Implement IsThisARootDirectory()

- Reimplement GetVolumeInformationW() to make it w2k3 compliant.

This fixes a few winetests and makes fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo work in ROS :-)

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- Modify OpenVolume so that it can restrict volume opening to a NTFS volume (broken on ROS...)

- Implement fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo

[WINED3D] Silence a noisy DPRINT that makes Test KVM AHK abort.


[MORE]: Remove an unused library import (user32).
[CHCP][CMD]: Make the CHCP command a standalone executable, for backwards compatibility with Windows etc. This allows the user to be able to replace it with a 3rd-party one.

CORE-10295 #resolve


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- Disable the use of SSE2 instruction. ROS supports CPUs that do not support these.

CORE-13826 #resolve


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Implement statistics counting for non cached read/write operations.

[REG] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

39e0e81 reg: Null-terminate incomplete REG_EXPAND_SZ and REG_MULTI_SZ Unicode data.

82fc4c8 reg: Close any open registry keys before starting the key deletion process.

5de883c reg: Use the correct return codes during the import operation.

56e58e4 reg: Delete registry keys via the state machine.

d90f2a5 reg: Delete registry values via the state machine.

db98cc4 reg: Handle unknown registry data types in the state machine.

32d5368 reg: Import hex data via the state machine.

f1874c1 reg: Import REG_DWORD data via the state machine.

038f1c6 reg: Parse data types and import REG_SZ data via the state machine.

0565934 reg: Parse key names and value names in the state machine.

3e87a70 reg: Introduce a partial state machine for importing Windows 3.1 registry data.

aa386af reg: Add initial support for the import operation.

f2fbbec reg: Rename reg.h to resource.h.

c6c95a0 reg: Compile with msvcrt.

8c253c4 reg: Make some variables 'static const'.

337e0f4 reg: Avoid an uninitialized variable warning.

8abec73 reg: Dynamically allocate memory for the value name buffer when deleting all registry values in a specified key.

e7ea838 reg: Use a helper function to resize a memory buffer.

a1bc33a reg: Use a helper function to free allocated memory.

a6e28cc reg: Use a helper function to allocate memory and die on failure.

90da210 reg: Account for sizeof(WCHAR) when resizing the value name buffer during the query operation.

fb22f6c reg: Avoid using RegQueryInfoKey() to enumerate subkeys and values in the query operation.

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[PSDK] Update winreg.h. CORE-13762
[FREETYPE] Update to v2.8.1. CORE-13825
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[PSDK] Update wincodec.idl and winerror.h. [WINDOWSCODECS] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

b2229cc windowscodecs: Add support for CMYK to BGR conversion.

22b69e6 windowscodecs: Move JPEG frame image data initialization from Frame::CopyPixels to Decoder::Initialize. (v2)

b635fa0 windowscodecs: Move additional processing out of the JPEG decoding loop.

80649c5 windowscodecs: Fix stride calculation in JPEG decoder.

0d88ec1 windowscodecs: Fix IWICBitmapEncoder::SetPalette for a not initialized case in JPEG encoder.

267bca1 windowscodecs: PNGEncoder: Return 32bppRGBA pixel format by default.

8bae213 windowscodecs: Fix 32bppGrayFloat to 8bppGray conversion.

8648aaf wincodecs: Add encoder options for JPEG.

2eeef78 windowscodecs: Fix a memory leak.

c092f1a windowscodecs: Add some tests for IWICMetadataQueryReader.

2271ba8 windowscodecs: Add initial implementation of IWICMetadataQueryReader::GetMetadataByName.

d3280c8 windowscodecs: Implement IWICBitmapDecoder::GetMetadataQueryReader in the GIF decoder.

c94bf3c windowscodecs: Implement IWICMetadataQueryReader::GetLocation.

3059668 windowscodecs: Use PropVariantCompareEx to compare metadata items.

f258903 windowscodecs: Implement IWICMetadataQueryReader::GetContainerFormat.

714175e windowscodecs: Implement WICMapSchemaToName.

e1eed88 windowscodecs: Implement WICMapShortNameToGuid.

37ae4f2 windowscodecs: Implement WICMapGuidToShortName.

cf1269a windowscodecs: Register WICImagingFactory2 interface.

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[PSDK] Update propidl.idl. CORE-13762
[XMLLITE] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

49a57bc xmllite/writer: Improve handling of the output with invalid encoding.

a6d6beb xmllite/writer: Do not indent after just BOM has been written.

5773a5d xmllite/writer: Fix indentation on WriteElementString().

5f4ed88 xmllite/writer: Fix empty element and state handling in WriteElementString().

b06dd7d xmllite/reader: Added a helper for setting current attribute cursor.

be56791 xmllite/reader: Implement MoveToAttributeByName().

[WINTRUST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

59a476e wintrust: use enhanced crypto provider in VerifyImageHash

9369e80 wintrust: Increase buffer size to silence a gcc warning.

[WINMINE] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

ca8f056 winemine: Added Shift+LClick hotkey to uncover multiple cells.

9b90266 winemine: Mine random placing fix.

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    • +4
[WININET] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

43deec9 wininet: Use standard wine_dbgstr_longlong.

085ce26 wininet: Drain content before reusing connection in open_http_connection.

59395d8 wininet: Never do blocking reads in chunked_read if zero chunk size is aready read.

4f40039 wininet: Release connection in HTTPREQ_Read only if remaining control data may be drainad without blocking.

8090d16 wininet: Store error state separately from end of stream in chunked stream.

752d078 wininet: Always use drain_content specific to stream type.

90b936f wininet: Try to read reamaining data in chunked_drain_content.

2ecdac8 wininet: Return error codes from HTTP streams.

7949a22 wininet: Correctly pass URL length to InternetCrackUrlW in get_redirect_url.

a24b826 wininet: Improved cookie debug traces.

f55a116 wininet: Fix potential use-after-free (Coverity).

89f1d8c wininet: Fixed connection_pool_cs declaration.

cee9982 wininet: Return an error on redirect with no host name specified.

61e28c0 wininet: Moved INTERNET_STATUS_REDIRECT notification to HTTP_HandleRedirect.

9c95915 wininet: Correctly handle redirects to non-http URLs.

[WINHTTP] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

d0813b7 winhttp: Avoid returning while holding a lock (Coverity).

5a61913 winhttp: Rename host_t to hostdata_t.

2a99f0e winhttp: Periodically free outdated connections.

5226865 winhttp: Cache and reuse persistent HTTP connections.

e0e8a3f winhttp: Introduce global connected hosts store and keep reference to host in netconn_t.

d1d65c9 winhttp: Merge netconn_create and netconn_connect implementations.

3e60241 winhttp: Store socked address in netconn_t.

e129023 winhttp: Pass socket address as sockaddr_storage to netconn_connect.

c2f464d winhttp: Get rid of no longer needed netconn_init.

8c9df5b winhttp: Use notification flags to explicitly mark notifications that should signal an event.

c502629 winhttp: Allocate netconn_t separately from request_t.

c06104c winhttp: Store security_flags in request_t instead of netconn_t.

f2bb206 winhttp: Reset content length when a redirect creates a new connection.

0923897 winhttp: Only read as much data as advertized when draining content.

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    • +259
    • -8
    • +23
[WINEMP3.ACM] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

ffebb91 winemp3.acm: Fix error in acmStreamSize().

[WBEMPROX] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

65d7ff8 wbemprox: Add FreePhysicalMemory to Win32_OperatingSystem.

[WBEMDISP] Sync with Wine Staging 2.16. CORE-13762

82527f8 wbemdisp: Add a trailing newline to a TRACE() message.