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Merge RAPPS improvements branch into trunk.

Contains the work done by sanchaez (Alexander Shaposhnikov) during GSoC 2017:

* Better information in the application details view.

* Bulk installation of multiple applications at once.

* Command-line automation of installation (single and bulk).

(for more details, see the related blog posts)

TRANSLATORS: Many resources have been changed, and they are in need of review!

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[RAPPS][RAPPS_NEW] Finally replace rapps with rapps_new.

CORE-13017 #resolve

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[SDK] One step further towards ReactOS source code tree restructure: the sdk folder that groups includes, libraries and tools. CORE-9111
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- Add support for SHA-1 validation of completed downloads. Patch by Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas

CORE-10301 #resolve

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add support for SSL certificate pinning

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[APPLICATIONS] Properly track resource file dependencies. CORE-9806
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- remove the custom parser, add caching, accelerators and lazy loading support and more (patch by Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas)

- modifications by me:

- don't rely on an undocumented behavior when calling GetPrivateProfileStringW and check the return value instead (should get fixed in kernel32 too)

- modify the packaging scripts so the resulting CAB file contains UTF16 encoded files and remove the re-encoding hack from the patch (this is backwards compatible as the previous parser implementation was UTF16 aware)


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lack of a proxy configuration by Peter Hater. German translation updated by me.

CORE-4852 #resolve #comment Committed, thx for help.

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* Prepare the CMake scripts for PCH.


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* We don't need to set these includes here.


- Replace URLDownloadToFileW download routine by InternetOpenW, InternetOpenUrlW, InternetReadFile download routine. This makes it possible to set the user agent which allows us to use http://download.sourceforge.net URLs and not needing any hard coded mirrors anymore. (Thx goes to Usurp for that idea.)

- Replace CreateProcessW by ShellExecute. This reenables the question for elevated rights in Windows and allows RApps to open any file format the shell knows about.

Big thx goes out to AmineKhaldi, Christoph_vW, gigaherz and ThFabba for helping a rusted Java coder to get things in a resonable shape. ^^

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* Remove unneeded set_rc_compiler.

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- Use COM for calling SHBrowseForFolder.

- Allow choosing a directory for downloading.

- Correct a typo in the name of a function.

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[CMAKE] - Fix build

- get rid of set_unicode macro.

- Add an option to set_module_type to do the work instead

- Improve debug output

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* Use rapps.h as a PCH.

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- Create a new library msvcrtex, which will be automatically linked, when msvcrt is linked. This is yet a minimal version which replaces the different mingw libs.

- Use proper unicode entrypoints

- remove unneeded libcoldname.a

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Integrate cmake stuff into trunk

Only files added.

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