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Merge RAPPS improvements branch into trunk.

Contains the work done by sanchaez (Alexander Shaposhnikov) during GSoC 2017:

* Better information in the application details view.

* Bulk installation of multiple applications at once.

* Command-line automation of installation (single and bulk).

(for more details, see the related blog posts)

TRANSLATORS: Many resources have been changed, and they are in need of review!

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[RAPPS][RAPPS_NEW] Finally replace rapps with rapps_new.

CORE-13017 #resolve

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- Add support for SHA-1 validation of completed downloads. Patch by Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas

CORE-10301 #resolve

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add support for SSL certificate pinning

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Thanks to r69394, switch rapps database download to https


free cached entries and some other improvements

patch by Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas aka swyter


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[RAPPS] Fix build.
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- remove the custom parser, add caching, accelerators and lazy loading support and more (patch by Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas)

- modifications by me:

- don't rely on an undocumented behavior when calling GetPrivateProfileStringW and check the return value instead (should get fixed in kernel32 too)

- modify the packaging scripts so the resulting CAB file contains UTF16 encoded files and remove the re-encoding hack from the patch (this is backwards compatible as the previous parser implementation was UTF16 aware)


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lack of a proxy configuration by Peter Hater. German translation updated by me.

CORE-4852 #resolve #comment Committed, thx for help.

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[RAPPS] Fix maximizing. By Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas. CORE-9060
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[RAPPS] Change APPLICATION_DATEBASE_URL to APPLICATION_DATABASE_URL and add a FIXME about switching to HTTPS once is supported. By Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas. CORE-9060
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* Licence => License.

CORE-8804 #resolve #comment Committed in r65428. Thanks!

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Don't pass structures by copy, give a pointer instead

CID #502621

CID #502622

CID #502623

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- Mark Str* functions as private in comctl32, they should be imported from shlwapi instead

- Remove the associated hack in rapps

CORE-7786 #resolve

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* Add header guards to the main headers.


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- Allow double-clicking to install programs. Based on patch by Edijs Kolesnikovičs and Yuntian Zhang.

CORE-4357 #resolve #comment Thanks guys, this was a major annoyance.

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- Do not write to the application directory. Welcome to Windows NT...

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* Move some definitions to the main header.

* Remove one time inclusions from the main header and put them back where they belong.


  1. … 8 more files in changeset.


* Add SHELL_LINK_INFO_* and some Shell Link Extra Data structures (for IShellLinkDataList).


* Add the now necessary wincon.h inclusion.

* Brought to you by Dominik Hornung.

CORE-7162 #resolve #comment Committed in r58930. Danke !

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* Slap *some* sense into our header inclusions.

* This significantly shrinks the dependency tracking data and the compiled objects size, which speeds up the whole build process (especially the incremental builds) accelerating the daily development as a result.

* No intended code changes, ~27% smaller build. Enjoy ;)

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- Use COM for calling SHBrowseForFolder.

- Allow choosing a directory for downloading.

- Correct a typo in the name of a function.

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* Use rapps.h as a PCH.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
- Use the rappmgr.cab located on our server

- Fixes rapps cab download

- Move from using include guards to pragma once.

- Whilst this is non-standard and potentially makes the code less portable, it's supported by both gcc and msvc and should bringg increased compilation speed due to its optimized behaviour (doesn't need to invoke the preprocessor)

- Patch by Amine Khaldi [amine.khaldi@reactos.org]

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- Implement delete of the program information from the registry

- Store settings information in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE instead HKEY_CURRENT_USER

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- Implement "Settings" dialog.

- Implement save of position of a window

- Implement installation/deinstallation logs

- Implement auto updating programs list at start

- Remove unused code from loaddlg.c

- Some small changes bug fixes

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- Fix problem with uTorrent deinstallation

- Closing of keys at list updating

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- Add enumeration user keys
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- Add "ReactOS Application Manager". This program is replacement "Download !" and appwiz.cpl.
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