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[ACPPAGE]: "Sync fail" with Mark Jansen's translation work in CORE-13693, sorry :(
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[ACPPAGE]: Improve the compatibility tab:

- Use the tab title from the corresponding dialog resource caption string.

- Fix some translations, and complete the french one.

- Use DialogBoxParamW and MAKEINTRESOURCEW (with W).

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[REACTOS]: Russian translation update part 1/2 by amber.


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[ACPPAGE] Usability: Convert the edit box to a combobox, ask the user if they want to add the layer when closing the dialog.
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[ACPPAGE] Update translations based on slayer. CORE-10375

Translators, please check your language, some text was changed!

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[ACPPAGE] Update Russian translation
Fix translation (cf. r72465) CORE-11763
* Please at least compile before committing patches. CORE-11763
[TRANSLATIONS][ACPPAGE][IERNONCE]: Update ReactOS russian translation, by Sergey Stopkin.

CORE-11763 #resolve #comment Committed, thanks!

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