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CORE-13666 #resolve #comment Fixed forever!

Merge RAPPS improvements branch into trunk.

Contains the work done by sanchaez (Alexander Shaposhnikov) during GSoC 2017:

* Better information in the application details view.

* Bulk installation of multiple applications at once.

* Command-line automation of installation (single and bulk).

(for more details, see the related blog posts)

TRANSLATORS: Many resources have been changed, and they are in need of review!

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[RAPPS] Add a SHA1 sum to uTorrent.


[RAPPS] Delete uTorrent until CORE-13666 is cleared up.

Update RAPPS d/l urls to fix broken links.

Update version changes on unchanged direct links.

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Check for dead links/changes in RAPPS DB

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Fix broken links and checksums by new mirrors/new version update.

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Bugfix to correctly identify the size of the programs in RAPPS for the Russian language by amber

CORE-11847 #resolve #comment Committed, thx.

App Manager - NirLauncher has a broken link by Ken Rochard

CORE-11718 #resolve #comment Committed, thx.

App Manager - Audacity has a broken link by Ken Rochard

CORE-11719 #resolve #comment Committed, thx.

Downgrade Python 3.5 to Python 3.4 (if it works) in Rapps by David Kleuker

CORE-11342 #resolve #comment Committed, thx.

App Manager - Libre Office 5.1.3 has a broken link by Ken Rochard

CORE-11670 #resolve #comment Committed, thx.

[RAPPS-DB] Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard version is wrong by reactosfanboy

CORE-11243 #resolve #comment Committed, thx.

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Bye SHA1 @utorrent and bittorrent. Still no nice direct links for the broken ones found.
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Fix structural errors, fix some dead links, fix wrong lang inclusions, fix trailing spaces etcetc

Some entries are dead, like nirlauncher, watercolor, tahoma and audacity. Feel free to fix em. (@holiday till monday now, cya)

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[TRANSLATION] Russian translations by Nikolay Burshtyn (amber). CORE-11567 #resolve #comment Thanks!
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Fix changed SHA1, fix broken downloads. Have fun 0.4.1 testers ^^

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Automatic Fixup of the whole RAPPS DB with a Python sync script from Christopher Reimer (based on the script from Ismael Ferreras Morezuelas): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30053674/shaonificator.py

- Fixed ANY INI parsing errors like double language sections, missing braces, missing variable descriptions, typos...

- Fixed ANY sizes of downloads + all language specific alterations.

- Fixed ANY dead links.

- Fixed ANY SHA1 hashes.

- Comments are no more. All ppl who contributed and left their names in the comments of the files are now found in CONTRIBUTORS.

++ Removed offbyone.txt. The Browser is no more.

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Fix some missing stuff...

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- Remove checksum from uTorrent download, since the only available URL is for the latest build (so it changes)


Add SHA-1 digests to RAPPS DB packages by Ismael Ferreras Morasuelas (swyter)

CORE-10319 #resolve #comment Errr... sorry, I was just told that we already verify downloaded stuff in rapps... committed and thx for the work you spent in it...

/me hides

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Adding New Apps for rapps and Removing Some Unneedful Spaces in aklepad.txt by Erdem Ersoy

CORE-9953 #comment Added Agat, Audacity, Gens, HexEdit, Shed, UltraISO and VBA-SDL because of the prove in image form that it works. Rest ist still not committed.

+ Removed the UTF BOMs again!

+ Added German Translations

+ Corrected the Coding to UTF-8

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Add zh-CN translation in RAPPS by Henry Tang Ih

CORE-9554 #resolve #comment Committed v4 and v5. Thx ^^

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