Pierre Schweitzer
on 02 Jul
- Implement RxCloseAssociatedSrvOpen(), RxFastIoRead(), RxPurgeNetFcb(), RxRemoveShareAccess(), RxRemoveShareAccessPerSrvOpens()
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- Implement RxCloseAssociatedSrvOpen(), RxFastIoRead(), RxPurgeNetFcb(), RxRemoveShareAccess(), RxRemoveShareAccessPerSrvOpens()

- Continue implementation of RxCommonCleanup() to handle allocated SRV_OPEN

- Halfplement RxFastIoCheckIfPossible() so that it handles read operations

- Stub RxCancelNotifyChangeDirectoryRequestsForFobx()


- Implement RxChangeBufferingState(), RxFinalizeSrvOpen(), RxFreeFcbObject(), RxGatherRequestsForSrvOpen(), RxGetDeviceObjectOfInstance(), RxInitializeRxTimer(), RxMarkFobxOnCleanup(), RxMarkFobxOnClose(), RxpDiscardChangeBufferingStateRequests(), RxpDispatchChangeBufferingStateRequests(), RxpLookupSrvOpenForRequestLite(), RxpMarkInstanceForScavengedFinalization(), RxPostOneShotTimerRequest(), RxPrepareRequestForReuse(), RxProcessChangeBufferingStateRequestsForSrvOpen(), RxpUndoScavengerFinalizationMarking(), RxPurgeChangeBufferingStateRequestsForSrvOpen(), RxPurgeFobxFromCache(), RxRemoveNameNetFcb(), RxScavengerTimerRoutine(), RxTimerDispatch()

- Finish implementation of RxDereference() to handle scavenger

- Finish implementation of RxLowIoCompletionTail() to handle blocked operations resume

- Fix a bug in RxFinalizeNetFcb() where it was dereferencing its NET_ROOT instead of its V_NET_ROOT

- Fix bugs in __RxAcquireFcb() where it improperly handled the lack of RX_CONTEXT

- Halfplement RxResumeBlockedOperations_ALL() to extract blocked operations from RX_CONTEXT (and drop them...)

- Stub RxDispatchChangeBufferingStateRequests(), RxScavengerFinalizeEntries()


- Implement FsRtlCopyRead2()

This library is basically what you can find in FsRtl with an extended support of Top Level IRP. It is used by RDBSS for FastIO. Next to come in it will be FsRtlCopyWrite2().

This commit brings several improvements to current work on RBDSS/RXCE. First of all, both libraries will leak less (again!).

It also brings the scavenger infrastructure (not fully fonctionnal though). Our NFS driver doesn't make use of it though.

Finally, this brings support of FastIO (for read operations ;-)) to our NFS driver!

Regarding CORE-13484, with copy + FastIO I could copy a file without troubles. But that seems to be still problematic with xcopy without FastIO...



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