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[GIT-TOOLS] Add another Git post-receive hook, which maintains a database of the linearized history of master.

On the one hand, this may look like enormous data duplication and an abuse of Git.

On the other hand, this gives our web applications fastest access to Git history, relations between revisions, and commit details.

Some of that isn't even possible with Git itself (like finding out the next revision after a particular one).

We can now adapt GetBuilds and Testman to the Git world and add commit information to any ReactOS web application with ease!

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[GIT-TOOLS] Fix to report all revisions between oldrev and newrev and simplify the code.
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[GIT-TOOLS] Support multiple repositories and the same GIT_PROJECT_ROOT variable that is used for git-http-backend.

Also fix bugs when testing the script in an Apache/PHP-FPM configuration.

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[GIT-TOOLS] Add a GitHub Web Hook that updates our Git mirror and calls its "post-receive" hook just like Git would do if the commit was pushed to the mirror repository.

This enables us to set up arbitrary post-receive hooks and keeps our Git setup independent from GitHub.

If we ever moved away from it to a self-hosted Git, all hooks would continue to work without any reconfiguration.

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[GIT-TOOLS] Adapt "" to Git, retaining our ReactOS-specific categorization of rostests.
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[GIT-TOOLS] Add a "git-tools" directory, for now with the unmodified SVN version of "".
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[BUILDBOT] Fully adapt our BuildBot setup to the upcoming Git migration.

- Get a clean version of the source from git:// on every commit and use "git apply" to apply JIRA patches.

- Introduce the naming scheme "reactos-$TYPE-$REVISION_SUFFIX-$UPLOAD_SUFFIX" for all created ISO files.

* $TYPE can be bootcd, livecd, bootcdregtest.

* $REVISION_SUFFIX is the output of "git describe" (e.g. "0.4.7-dev-53-gc2b45a7"), followed by "patch$ID" if a JIRA patch is applied.

* $UPLOAD_SUFFIX is the architecture, compiler, OS, build type identification of the builder.

An example filename that includes everything: "reactos-bootcd-0.4.7-dev-53-gc2b45a7-patch2518-x86-msvc-win-dbg.iso"

- Allow passing arbitrary parameters to CMake in the "configure" script. This is used to pass "-DENABLE_ROSTESTS=1".

- Rename "patching" to "prepare_source", because it also prepares the revision suffix now.

- Introduce "get_suffix" to feed the generated filename suffix back to a BuildBot property (using BuildBot's SetPropertyFromCommand).

- Create one "latest" symlink per upload suffix in "uploadiso".

- Use the "comment" parameter I will introduce in my next Testman commit to supply an arbitrary comment in "submit_result".

Add the JIRA Attachment ID and Reason for patched builds on Timo's request.

- Remove the "revert" step and slim down "clean". A tidy cleanup of the source directory is now being done by the Git build step.

- Remove the "build_host_tools" script and ROS_NO_HOST_TOOLS_REV. You can't build the old revisions with the Git-adapted scripts.

- Work in $ROS_OUTPUT instead of $ROS_OUTPUT/reactos.

- Introduce the UPLOAD_REGTESTCD configuration variable to decide whether to upload the bootcdregtest in "regtestcd".

- Allow us to either download a bootcdregtest or use the latest one from the source folder in "regtest".

- Build rosapps and rostests on the GCCWin and MSVC2010 builder. These don't upload anything, so we can check if the entire tree builds correctly without wasting ISO storage space.

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  1. … 3 more files in changeset.

Use the correct extension for mcs.

Note to self: test your workaround.



Put one of our best kept secrets under version control, the BuildBot master configuration file.

I've put all sensitive information into an extra "credentials.ini" that is now loaded through a ConfigParser at startup.

Having this in a repository should make it easier to prepare for the Git migration and eventually do the badly required refactoring.

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Updated changelog last time.



Give enough time to tests to download a 50MiB file at 256kB/s.

Turn off the warnings that are shown by Firefox when entering a secure page.


Patch by Serge Gautherie


-Language fixes

-Update Yahoo tests to current web site.

-Update Mozilla start page URL.


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Fix process enumeration in TerminateTmpProcesses():

-Check for actual functions results

-Close a leaked access token

-Don't skip the first process entry

-Skip the System and Idle processes, they were giving a false reading of failure.

CORE-6939 #resolve


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Update the Firefox 3.0.11 test to World changes.

Mozilla switched to https, Yahoo changed its tests results page.

Patch by Serge Gautherie.



Re-enable compile_code test since it doesn't BSOD anymore.

CORE-11983 #resolve


Fix the FreeBasic test list, regression from r2294.

Patch by Serge Gautherie in CORE-12098


Consistently check for and then clean $ROS_OUTPUT instead of $WORKDIR.

No need to create $ROS_OUTPUT as this is already done in "configure".


Fix IPv6 support: These days, you only need a single AF_INET6 socket to accept both IPv4 and IPv6 clients.

Separate sockets for each protocol aren't needed anymore and only make things worse (like "Address already in use" error or unsupported IPV6_V6ONLY socket option).


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Get all optional files from a dedicated "optional" folder on and check that the mandatory files exist.

This should ensure that we never ship without a CJK font again.

Thanks to Katayama Hirofumi MZ for reporting!

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Some fixes for spaces not breaking everything. Still CMAKE seems to dislike it.

Change name back to just ReactOS Build Environment before the honoring sounds like sarasm. + HAXX to make the uninstaller remove the old one.

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Some preparations for a lil bugfix release. Revert Setup only gaining user rights due to cons weigh way more than the one pro.

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Add RequestExecutionLevel user



Upload all files over rsync/SSH and download everything over wget/HTTP instead of having NFS as a third protocol for special cases.

This simplifies our build infrastructure (you don't want to depend on NFS for Windows buildslaves).


Try to make it user's decision if he uses %PATH% or not.


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Prepare a Fix Build of RosBE called v2.1.4



Fix clean command removing what it should + fix log cleanup, too.

ROSBE-105 #resolve #comment Fixed, thx for reporting. ^^

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Remove useless check only causing trouble if you build a branch from somewhere else.


- Improve capitalization of names in the donor list even more (-> also capitalize after apostrophes)

- Put this highly sophisticated name formatting into an own class NameFormatter.


Commit the core of r2328 (spotted by learn_more)

/me hides


Introduce delay between control-modifying commands, except for some small & fast apps.

It fixes 18 sets of application tests:



Far Manager


Foxit Reader



LBreakout, LGeneral, LMarbles





-Use cases:

Filzip(archive extraction)

Smplayer(video playback)

See,50945 for details.

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