spetreolle in project-tools


Use the correct extension for mcs.

Note to self: test your workaround.




Give enough time to tests to download a 50MiB file at 256kB/s.

Turn off the warnings that are shown by Firefox when entering a secure page.


Patch by Serge Gautherie


-Language fixes

-Update Yahoo tests to current web site.

-Update Mozilla start page URL.


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    • +13

Fix process enumeration in TerminateTmpProcesses():

-Check for actual functions results

-Close a leaked access token

-Don't skip the first process entry

-Skip the System and Idle processes, they were giving a false reading of failure.

CORE-6939 #resolve


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    • +21

Update the Firefox 3.0.11 test to World changes.

Mozilla switched to https, Yahoo changed its tests results page.

Patch by Serge Gautherie.



Re-enable compile_code test since it doesn't BSOD anymore.

CORE-11983 #resolve


Fix the FreeBasic test list, regression from r2294.

Patch by Serge Gautherie in CORE-12098


Commit the core of r2328 (spotted by learn_more)

/me hides


Introduce delay between control-modifying commands, except for some small & fast apps.

It fixes 18 sets of application tests:



Far Manager


Foxit Reader



LBreakout, LGeneral, LMarbles





-Use cases:

Filzip(archive extraction)

Smplayer(video playback)

See https://www.reactos.org/testman/compare.php?ids=50937,50945 for details.

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Fix race condition in the install test, from r1759.

Addendum to r2325:

Change the URL for firefox 3.0.11 download test.

Firefox, Opera, Seamonkey download tests:

Use a 50MiB data test file on the svn server.

Use szFileName/ExpectedSize variables instead of copy/paste,

the URL and size can be easily changed.

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    • +10

HelloWorldNET is a test application, it lives into Media.




Workaround CORE-12604 for now.


3.Download: Update URL to something existing on our server.

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    • +2

2.debug_run: Support ReactOS and Windows calculators.



Stop the Quick Starter service after the tests.

While running normally, this service emits debug and breaks rosautotest diagnostics.

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    • +31

Use symbolic links for AHK tests too.


After patching changes on the bots, the long paths made the AHK compiler crash.

A virtual drive with the compiler's directory avoids the problem.

As a bonus, introducing a batch allows optimisation and error checking.


revert: Fix the checkout patch check


Add LC_ALL=C to get english into every tool.


Add a regtestcd parameter to build without the official regression tests.


Add the binary .NET test application.

    • binary

Add source code for HelloWorldGui and HelloWorldNET test applications.

  1. /trunk/ahk_tests/HelloWorldNET/HelloWorldNET
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Fix a typo into Firefox test.


Fix typo-"crash" into Paint test.


Set the path before the build.


Add the ahk compiler to prepare_ahk.


Fix path of the logon sound.

By Jared Smuude.


Remove compile prompt.