[NTOS:LPC] - Fix the usage, or add support (for NtSecureConnectPort based on...


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    Author & Moderator 33m 7 Looks true. Investigation needed.
    Reviewer - 0% reviewed 55m 15 That's not... why... don't do that...
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    I have too many comments on this to put them on ros-dev.

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    /trunk/reactos/ntoskrnl/lpc/complete.c Changed 2
    /trunk/reactos/ntoskrnl/lpc/connect.c Changed 1
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    /trunk/reactos/ntoskrnl/lpc/create.c Changed 4
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    /trunk/reactos/ntoskrnl/lpc/listen.c Changed
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    /trunk/reactos/ntoskrnl/lpc/port.c Changed 1
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    /trunk/reactos/ntoskrnl/lpc/reply.c Changed 9
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    /trunk/reactos/ntoskrnl/lpc/send.c Changed 7
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