NTFS GSoC Changes, Part 1


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    Author & Moderator 2h 40m 10 Not without doing some work, or copying the .Buffer to a ...
    Reviewer - 100% reviewed 1h 3m 28 And really it's == 0, it can't be less since it's unsigned
    Reviewer - 82% reviewed 20m    
    Reviewer - Complete 1h 19m 29 Thanks! I don't know if it's work a 1-line comment in the...
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    Reviewer - 100% reviewed 48m 20 Quad not because of the size, but because of the word siz...
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    Reviewer - 100% reviewed 15m 2 Or route allocations trough a generic macro / function, w...
    Reviewer - 64% reviewed 14m 1 So productive. You could instead ask wtf USA stands for i...
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    This is the first set of NTFS changes for GSoC 2017.
    We can decide whether we want to keep adding new changes to this review or make a new one later.

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    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../bootdata/hivesys.inf Changed
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/CMakeLists.txt Changed
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    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/attrib.c Changed 24
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/blockdev.c Changed
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    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/btree.c Added 15
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/create.c Changed 6
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/dirctl.c Changed 4
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/dispatch.c Changed
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    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../filesystems/ntfs/fcb.c Changed 5
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/finfo.c Changed 7
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/fsctl.c Changed
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../filesystems/ntfs/mft.c Changed 20
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/ntfs.c Changed 1
    Open in IDE #permalink
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/ntfs.h Changed 7
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../filesystems/ntfs/rw.c Changed
    /branches/GSoC_2016/.../ntfs/volinfo.c Changed
    /branches/GSoC_2016/NTFS/configure.cmd Changed 1

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