Víctor's RtlString test patch


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    Author & Moderator 5h 44m 25 Renamed to TestRtlFindCharInUnicodeString..and moved down...
    Reviewer - 100% reviewed 2h 44m 73 RtlFillMemory(&String, sizeof(String), 0x55); for example
    Reviewer - 100% reviewed 19m    
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    Thomas Faber

    Can we focus on a few functions at a time? It'll be hard to get 20 tests all ...

    Can we focus on a few functions at a time? It'll be hard to get 20 tests all perfect at the same time, and it's harder to review if I switch between functions so often.
    I'm focusing on RtlUpcaseUnicodeString and RtlInitUnicodeString right now – I'd like to see these get finished first, commit them, and then go on to the next few functions.
    I'll still comment on things I notice in other functions, and you can still fix/add/improve them – but let's focus on those two first so we can divide & conquer the rather large number of tests

    victor martinez calvo

    Sure.Let's focus in those 2 then https://code.reactos.org/static/olpro3/2stat...

    Sure.Let's focus in those 2 then

    /kmtests/rtl/RtlUnicodeString.c Changed   37
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    /RtlUnicodeString.c Added 59
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