State of the Repository

WaxDragon took a look at what happened in ReactOS during September

The stats:

In Sepember, there were:
578 commits
98 bugs opened
94 bugs closed

I wasn't able to determine the bugs that weere touched during the last month, since something made *all* bugs appear touched.

A little change of format, I will review the closed bugs first, then go over the SVN commits in less detail than last month.

ReactOS at Linux World Expo UK

On 05th and 06th October, ReactOS attended Linux World Expo UK as part of the .Org village. The two representatives for the project were Ge van Geldorp and Ged Murphy.

Equipment for the exhibition consisted of 3 laptops, one running ReactOS on real hardware, one running ReactOS in VMWare and a laptop to act as an internet gateway. We also had around 100 live CDs and 400 flyers.
Unfortunately we had trouble holding a connection to the AP due to a weak signal, so couldn't report in real-time.

New ReactOS Homepage

New ReactOS Homepage is online!

The new ReactOS homepage is now (2005-09-29) online!
The website moved to as the primary name, with being an alias (you'll be redirected automatically to if you use the old name).

The mailing lists are also going to be moved from to, so if you have filtering in place please take this into


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