Timo Kreuzer

[NTOS] Make the GET_HASH_ENTRY() macro return a pointer to the entry instead of the entry itself.

Implicitly it was already returning a pointer, which was then referenced using a "." instead of "->", giving the impression we were working on the returned object instead of the original data. - Convert some macros to inline functions

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[PSDK] Add Win10 NTDDI version defines, improve version check
[FLTMC][NFSD] Fix version definition
[KERNEL32] Support PAGE_EXECUTE_WRITECOPY in CreateFileMappingW if OsMajorVersion is 6+.
[DELAYIMP] Use underscore symbol prefix only on x86
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[PSDK] Add SymSrvIsStoreW prototype to dbghelp.h
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[INTRIN.H] Add _mul128 and _umul128 prototypes and remove some obsolete ones from the MSC version.
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[FAT32] Remove duplicated print
[SHELLDESKTOP] Add missing dependency to psdk
[WIN32K] Remove old comments
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- Refactor GreExtTextOutW to use a single exit path instead of 3

- Call MouseSafetyOnDraw* only for direct DCs

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[WIN32K] IntEngBitBlt returns BOOL, not NTSTATUS!

Fix usage in NtGdiSetDIBitsToDeviceInternal accordingly and get rid of NTSTATUS variable entirely.

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[NTOSKRNL] Improve S-List-Fault detection in KiTrap0EHandler to handle usermode faults as well.
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Revert a mistake commit...
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Patch "works": continue vs return stuff
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[XDK/DDK] Fix copy pasta

Modify the ret8 interrupt return path in KiTrapExitStub, so that nested interrupts (e.g. as a result of an interrupt storm from a broken driver) will work more "like on Windows", i.e., now the broken driver will not cause stack exhaustion anymore, but a proper system hang! And it will be an even more efficient system hang than Windows has! This is not the '90s. You can't just walk up and crash the system, you have to do something cool first and do it properly "like Windows does", even if you're not using the same assembly instructions.

[XDK/DDK] Update ASSERT definitions based on latest WDK (with some modifications regarding cast to void and macro parameter expansion). Use NT_ASSERT for ASSERT globally on reactos MSVC builds.
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[XDK/DDK] Fix prototype of FsRtlRegisterUncProvider, based on latest WDK
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[KMTEST] Improve test output
[CREATESPEC] Some cleanup and fixes
[CMAKE/MSVC] Enable function level linking and comdat folding independent from build type. This reduces freeldr size and allows to build with /RTC1 again. Since GCC doesn't support function level linking, cmlib should be refactored by moving some functions into different source files to avoid linking unused code into freeldr.
{SPEC2DEF] Allow forwarders to contain ordinals (xydll.#123)
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[PSDK] "Fix" _SYMBOL_INFO structure, by replacing "info" member with a union of Index (correct member name) and info (required by wine code)

Add missing dbghelp.h definitions

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- Implement retrieving export names from forwarders

- Add error() function to print errors

- Refactor image/symbol loading

- Fix some bugs and add some hacks, so that it compiles in out tree

- Add to build


Small utility to auto-create spec files. Uses MS symbol server to evaluate data not available in the export table. Features:

- Parse export table for export names and forwarders

- Find function name for nameless exports

- Recognize calling convention / data exports

- Analyze function parameters


This ASSERT was actually supposed to be removed and only accidentally brought back.

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Fix the fix from r70482: Our DIBs are actually 32 bit aligned, so pass even uncompressed bits to GreCreateBitmapEx instead of copying them later with wrong alignment.

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Disable broken code to update a device palette. Should fix testbot crashes.

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