Hermes Belusca-Maito

[ADVPACK]: Addendum to r71977: Add the resource file into the CMakeList.


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[ADVPACK]: Add file version information resource.

CORE-7645 #comment Please retest the installation of Visual Basic 6 runtime with revision >= 71977.


- Minor whitespace fixes in main.c

- Use a correct info msgbox title when showing regedit command-line usage. Something to think about: translate the cmdline usage! :)

[BOOTDATA]: Disable automatic debugger startup on application crash. This allows getting back the error popup as we used to have, and also warn the user there was indeed a problem, instead of silently start the default debugger (that I've set to an unexistant "drwtsn.exe") and fail silently, since that default debugger doesn't exist.


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Commit "Part 1" of my Improvements for the Event Log Viewer. See CORE-11637 description for more details (too long to stay there).

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[PSDK]: Add two missing flags concerning custom-drawn controls.
[EVENTVWR]: Fix transparency problems for some icons.

No need to check for whether 'pBuffer' is NULL to call NetApiBufferFree, because:

- 'pBuffer' was used above this call without any particular checks;

- 'pBuffer' can be only null when NetUserEnum fails with an error different from NERR_Success or ERROR_MORE_DATA. But this case was actually checked for before using 'pBuffer'.

By Victor Martinez aka. Mr.Coverity ^^ :)

CID 1363629

CORE-11598 #resolve


Initialize utf8_ch_len to zero before using it (at each turn of the for-loop). As I couldn't find this code in Wine, I couldn't see whether they already fixed it or not. Caught by Victor.



- Fix leaking 'pSetupData' in case of failure. CID 1363604

- Since we know that in the remaining of the code, 'pSetupData' is a valid pointer, we can free it at the very end without rechecking whether it was NULL or not.

CORE-11591 #resolve


Missing break. CID 1363532

CORE-11593 #resolve


- Fix usage of the 'Status' variable. CID 1363689

- Fix some DPRINTs.

CORE-11595 #resolve


Don't overrun FillGrid() when accessing the last elements. Rewrite the code using 'for' loops, in the same style as what is done elsewhere in the code. CID 1363552

CORE-11597 #resolve


- BiOpenKey is being feed with the wrong ElementHandle, it should be feed with ElementsHandle one. CID 1363670 . By Victor Martinez Calvo. CORE-11600 #resolve


- Fix an Assign vs Compare issue. CID 1363558 . By Victor Martinez Calvo. CORE-11592 #resolve

[CONCFG]: Add needed inclusion for StrSafe functions.

- Fix potential Out-of-bounds access during string copy/concatenation. CID 1322098.

- Fix check for NULL after potential dereference. CID 1322175.


- Use StringCbCopyW


- Use StringCbCopyW: CID #1363712.

- Don't read registry values in a registry key if we failed to open it. CID #514350.

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- Don't hardcode buffer string size in GetPartTypeStringFromPartitionType calls.

- Possibly check whether the first character of the PartTypeString string is NULL before printing a generic partition information in case the partition type is unknown. We might check instead for the STRING_FORMATUNKNOWN string...

- Don't check for PartTypeString being NULL since it's not a pointer. CID #1363481 and CID #1363494.

Fix usage of the first parameter for TranslateAccelerator: this should be the handle of the window that will receive the accelerator commands (not the window from which the message originates).
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- Fix the last parameter of a StringCchCopyEx call; fix a misspelling.

- Do not exclusively use GetFileAttributesEx to retrieve file attributes (for the file properties dialog). Indeed, it happens that this API (as well as GetFileAttributes), and equivalently, NtQueryFullAttributesFile (as well as NtQueryAttributesFile), can fail on *locked system* files (on Win2k/Win2k3/Win7, and on ROS), such as C:\pagefile.sys . See for example and my comment in CORE-10757 . Therefore to retrieve file attributes also for these files we do a trick: we call FindFirstFile on the full path to said file. It happens that FindFirstFile can work on locked system files, and thus we are able to retrieve their attributes (+ size and file dates) as well!

See the code for more details.

CORE-10757 #resolve


- Do not use a "magic number" for the return value 0xFFFFFFFF from GetFileAttributes.

- Use a meaningful variable name for retrieving the result of GetFileAttributes.

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- Display 3 different "types" of logs in the tree: "system logs": Application, Security, System, that are the minimal set of standard logs present on NT systems; "application logs": all the other logs, that are available to the event log service (both "system" and "application" logs are registered in the registry, under the "EventLog" service key). Finally comes the "user logs" that consists in all the log files that are manually opened by the user inthe event log viewer.


- Don't hardcode the buffer length values in the size parameters used in the GetEventUserName function.

- Merge both GetDisplayNameFile and GetDisplayNameID helpers into a single GetDisplayNameFileAndID function, since the former two were always called in tandem.

- Forbid editing the labels of the tree root nodes "system"/"application"/"user" logs.

- Splitter bar: set the cursor only when it is on the bar, not when it is above the status bar...

- Resize the status bar only in WM_SIZE events.

- Remove few dead code.

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[FLTMGR]: Remove a MSVC warning: FltObjectDereference, whose prototype is publicly defined in fltkernel.h, doesn't return any value.
[EVENTVWR]: Fix the look of the status bar.
[EVENTVWR]: Allow the user to enumerate the events from the oldest to the newest, or vice-versa.
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- Change the closed-folder icon, by Jared Smudde :)

- Add "open" and "log settings" menu items. Implementation will be done later.

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[EVENTVWR]: Improve the user interface of the Event Log Viewer:

- Use a tree to list the available system logs (and in the future, the manually opened logs within the viewer).

- Allow the user to resize the treeview/listview.

- Use the standard shell about-box dialog to display the "About..." notice + copyright.

- Improve the Event Log Viewer icon, and add new ones (folders + eventlog file).

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[CLIPBRD]: Use NULL for null pointer.

[EVENTVWR]: Add folder icons (needed for later).

[RAPPS(_new)][REGEDIT]: Fix our usage of (Begin)DeferWindowPos. See for more details.
[REGEDIT]: We resize 4 windows --> BeginDeferWindowPos(4).