Hermes Belusca-Maito


- Update the resource program description.

- Convert to full UNICODE.

- Use Win32 functions where possible.

- Factor-out the usage of QueryDosDevice into a QuerySubstedDrive function, that returns error codes according to whether the specified drive is a mapped (substed) drive, or is just an existing drive that is not a mapping, or if the drive does not exist. This allows us to detect attempts to use a drive letter that is not a mapped drive, to define a new mapping, and if so we reject such attempt.

This fixes CORE-10681 #resolve #comment Fixed with another patch according to my last remark.

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[COMP]: Fix code header & resource program description.

- Headers reordering.


- Give the internal helper function IsSubstedDrive just the single letter of the drive to check for.

- AddSubst and DeleteSubst: both take a drive string of *exactly* two characters: the drive letter and the ':' (and of course there's the NULL terminator): fix the parameter check in this regard.

- AddSubst: It is possible on Windows to use the DefineDosDevice API to map a drive letter to a *file* (yes yes!!) (but the mapping made is unusable). Forbids this case in SUBST since it is not made for that.


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[SUBST]: CORE-10681 #comment Apply part of Peter Hater's patch proposed in CORE-10681, that is, fixing the usage of QueryDosDevice API, but without the new IsDriveUsed functionality. (r71692)
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[LAUTUS.MSSTYLES]: Russian translation by 'amber'

CORE-11425 #resolve #comment Committed, thanks!

[COMP]: Russian translation by 'amber'

CORE-11424 #resolve #comment Committed, thanks!

[KERNEL32]: Whitespace fixes only, no functional code changes.
[SUBST]: Fix help message indentation in different languages.
[SHELL32]: Adjust the size of the static text in the logoff dialog, for German language. Patch by 'reactosfanboy'.

CORE-11446 #resolve #comment Thanks!

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- No need to pop up an error box if we cannot find an event message resource DLL for the current event log.

- Flatten out GetEventMessageFileDLL a bit.

- Fix a comment.

Fix build (i.e. a change that shouldn't have been done).

- Remove a unused header.

- Start (re)working on the functions that retrieve strings associated to event categories and messages.

- Just display the event category number if we are unable to retrieve its associated string.

- If we cannot retrieve the event source for formatting purposes, use a default string and append the event strings to it.

- Fix some problems related to the usage of 'lpComputerName': this global variable stores the computer name on which the Event Viewer is running (or connected to) and view the available logs. Don't overwrite it with computer names from the events.

- Modify some localized strings in the resource files. Translators, please review/fix translations!

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.

- Use C-style comments.

- Move the helper FreeRecords function closer to where it is used.

- Use the EVENTLOG_BASE_KEY define instead of re-hardcoding the registry path to the EventLog service.

[i8042prt]: Add yet another Dell Latitude D620 hack to make its trackpad work.

CORE-11431 #resolve


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[APITESTS]: Fix MSVC warning C4114: "same type qualifier used more than once".

- Use similar shell def-view window styles as on Windows.

- Add a "hack" to force the shell progman desktop window to get its correct window name, when running our shell on Windows. I don't know why calling CreateWindowExW(WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW, szProgmanClassName, szProgmanWindowName, ...) with a valid szProgmanWindowName string still persists in setting the window name to NULL... If someone has an idea, please let me know!

- Addendum to CORE-11375: Create the shell desktop view with the same size as the current desktop's workarea. Confirmed with ApiMonitor on Windows. I add some "FIXME" to make future developers think about possible improvements in the code.

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[SHELL32]: Fix some whitespace and comments.
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[TELNET]: Add russian translation by "amber".


[DEVMGR]: Fix resource compiler error in MSVC 2010 or GCC' windres. Detected by Victor Martinez Calvo.


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[ROSTEST:PAINTDESKTOP]: Improve the test: don't force complete redraw when resizing the window, and return a non-zero value from WM_ERASEBKGD if the PaintDesktop call succeeded.
[ROSTESTS:USER32] Add an interactive test demonstrating how the PaintDesktop API should behave visually, and how we are not correctly doing well in this regard in ReactOS...
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  1. /trunk/rostests/win32/user32/paintdesktop
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[NETSHELL]: Update russian translation by "leha-bot" and "amber".


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[DEVMGR]: Update russian translation by "leha-bot" and "amber".


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[DXDIAG]: Update russian translation by "leha-bot" and "amber".


[DXDIAG]: Sync some translations with the english one.
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[SC]: Fix a typo in the help.
[PIFMGR]: Add the PIF icon resource library.

By Jared Smudde, Lee Schroeder, Ercan Ersoy, manuel.

Icons adapted from Tango Icon set and from public domain OpenClipArt (

Part 1/2


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  1. /trunk/reactos/subsystems/mvdm/pifmgr/res
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Aman Priyadarshi: When you're ready, you can upload a new patch with all your modifications, including Alex Ionescu's ones that were commented on your GitHub repository.

Aman Priyadarshi: When you're ready, you can upload a new patch with all your modifications, including Alex Ionescu's ones that were commented on your GitHub repository.

[WRITE]: Add wordpad's icon to write.exe compatibility bootstrap.
[SHELL32]: Replace icon 210 (filecab) with a valid one (coming from explorer).