Alexander Shaposhnikov

[RAPPS] Toggle toolbar captions on resize

- Implemented hiding toolbar captions when buttons are about to intersect with the searchbar

- Minor style changes

[RAPPS] Stopped GCC whining (fixed GCC build)
[ATL] Fixed atlcoll.h ignoring _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS
[ATL] CStringT fixes

- Added copy constructor and assignment from CSimpleStringT to CStringT

This fixed initialization while using `operator+` in GCC.

```CStringW s = a + b; ```

operator+ operators are defined for CSimpleStringT.

It worked in MSVC because it did implicit conversion of CSimpleStringT to PCXSTR which called appropriate CStringT constructor.

GCC doesn't do such conversions and triggers an error.

- Unified `operator=(CStringT, PCXSTR)` with the rest

[RAPPS] Moved cabinet.dll related definitions to separate header
[RAPPS] Replaced my email with @reactos,org one & Removed my copyright from rosui.h
[RAPPS] License header unification and minor style changes

- Unified & reformatted license headers according to

- Minor style changes

[RAPPS] CConfigParser cleanup

- removed `static` from strings declaration as pointed out by gadamopoulos

[RAPPS] Renamed CmdParser to UseCmdParameters
[RAPPS] resource.h: Added missing space
[RAPPS] Deleted installdlg.cpp as unused
[RAPPS] Settings Dialog changes

- replaced `static` with unnamed namespace (static in this context was deprecated in C++03)

- fixed `Choose Folder` dialog text not loading the first time (trivial)

[RAPPS] Replaced double ternary operators with one `if` for readability
[RAPPS] Library load fixup in crichedit.h
[RAPPS] Merged two Installed and Available enum values into one enum
[RAPPS] Complete renaming
[RAPPS] Amendment: undo renaming in loaddlg.cpp
[RAPPS] Formatting fixes

- CAvailableApplicationInfo: added m_ prefixes to members

- CAvailableApps: renamed EnumAvailableApplications to Enum

- Renamed LICENSE_TYPE enum to LicenseType and renamed enum values

- unattended.cpp: Added license header

[RAPPS] Removed unecessary `inline` in crichedit.h
[RAPPS] Fixed newline in de-DE.rc
[RAPPS] Adjusted splitter values a bit. CORE-13163

[RAPPS] Fixed resizing issues. CORE-13163

[RAPPS] Final commit

- Removed atlex

[RAPPS] RC of final commit

- Hide checkboxes in "Installed"


- Fixed crash when trying to double-click in the "Installed" category

- Replaced APPLICATION_INFO with CAvailableApplicationInfo

- Added DownloadInfo struct as a replacement of APPLICATION_INFO in CDownloadManager

- Minor fixes


- Fixed typo in lang/ru-RU.rc


- Fixed switching between "Installed" and "Available"

- Added default icon to "Installed"


- Revert s_EnumInstalledAppProc()


- Amend last commit - added gui.h


- Removed hard-coded string leftover

- Re-enabled Installed category