[SHELL32] -CDefaultContextMenu: Correctly differentiate the copy and the cut commands.
[SHELL32] -CDefViewBckgrndMenu: Fix pasting in the background of a folder.
[OLE32] Do not crash on an invalid / empty clipboard.


[WIN32K] -NtUserEmptyClipboard: Change its behaviour to wait for WM_DESTROYCLIPBOARD to return so it behaves like windows and our ole32 doesn't trip on its assumptions that everything works fine. A test will be written soon to prove that this is correct. CORE-12302
    • -1
    • +1
[MSPAINT] Use Gdiplus::Bitmap in place of ATL::CImage to load pictures -- this un-breaks loading a picture's resolution from file


- Correct the build process

[FTFD] Ignore NULL objects in free() wrapper
[FTFD] Fix indentation

- Add support for the hotplug icon.

- Set default menu items in the context menus.

- Use a timer to properly distinguish between a single and a double click on an icon.

- Some code cleanup.

    • -0
    • +184
[NTOSKRNL] Fix 64 bit warnings about conversion in PsExitSpecialApc and PspTerminateThreadByPointer
Revert "[WIN32K] Fix probing and parameter validation in NtGdiPolyPolyDraw"
    • -58
    • +29
[WIN32K] Fix probing and parameter validation in NtGdiPolyPolyDraw
    • -29
    • +58
[SHELL32] Shell extension support for files.

- CFSFolder: Implement binding to files, implement loading arbitrary extensions for GetUIObjectOf from the registry, implement loading IconHandler shell extensions. Use the new helper routines to simplify getting the drop target.

- Improve the shortcut icons hack.

    • -1
    • +1
[NDK] Fix prototype of Nt/ZwQuerySystemInformation
    • -6
    • +6
    • -1
    • +1
[NTOSKRNL] Fix memory area macros
[STOBJECT] Fix bug that caused some resource strings not to be loaded.

- These strings need to either be in every language file or have their own resource range but since we are using the same resource ids with windows I will just duplicate them.

[PSDK][GDIPLUS] Further work on Graphics

    • -71
    • +114
[NTOSKRNL] Remove duplicate fields from MEMORY_AREA
    • -3
    • +3
[WIN32K] -Fix a bug with TransparentBlt when it should really ignore the alpha channel. CORE-13040. Approved by Timo.
    • -1
    • +1
[UXTHEME] -Remove some dead code
    • -20
    • +0

- Fix interval calculation in USBH_Wait. Patch by Vadim Galyant.


- Set svn:eol-style to CRLF for inf files. Files that end up on the iso should never have 'native' line endings.

  • More
  • CR-120
  • resumed reviewing
[SHELL32] -Simplify some coe in CShellLink.cpp
    • -31
    • +31
[SHIMENG] Enable the Application Compatibility framework by default.

- Also add disabled keys to configure the logging

- Demote a noisy print used in the shim engine.

At this point the shim engine should be functional enough to be used.

One thing that remains is creating more shims(fixes) to use, and implement more features for the already existing ones.


    • -0
    • +2
    • -2
    • +2
[SHELL32] -AddFSClassKeysToArray: Increase the size of the buffer for the value read from the registry. There are cases when 40 are not enough.
    • -1
    • +1
[ACLAYERS] Add a compatibility shim + layer for the VMWare Horizon setup.

This fixes the setup trying to print some debug strings.

For now the shim has to be applied manually, however the setup does not complete yet.

Patch bits & fixes by Thomas.


    • -0
    • +142
[COM_APITEST] -Add tests for CLSID_AttachmentServices.
    • -0
    • +7
[ADVAPI32] -RegOpenKeyExW: Call NtOpenKey again with aligned parameters if STATUS_DATATYPE_MISALIGNMENT was returned the first time. CORE-13689
    • -0
    • +33