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Make nt object symlinks work more like shortcuts. Fixes the addressbar not quite knowing what to show when you click on a symlink.


Make GCC happy.


* Added a common superclass for the ntobj and registry folders.

* Refactored the ntobj and registry folders to make use of this superclass.

* Removed the concept of a "pidl helper", since it works best to just have the methods be part of the folders.

* Cleaned up the ItemID comparison logic.

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-Added Browse Folder Interface (under test).

-Now buttons can show respective icons.

-Minor code cleanup.


Import Wine commit:

- 8d461c1f42b0b667b2aa6a235d007eea1dd6f561, Don't stop enumeration on the first failing network provider.

This fixes 'net use' stoping connections enumeration when a network returns an error or no connection.



Import Wine commit:

- 51b4a42969366cc409808aded23d3602a34206e2, Properly handle the count set to -1 when enumerating connections.

This fixes 'net use' not being able to enumerate multiple connections served by multiple network providers.


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[NTOS]: Improve a bit CmpDeepCopyKeyInternal():

- Normally getting the SrcNode and DestNode must succeed (checked with assert);

- Set the DestNode Flags member, in particular when this is the new root node of the saved registry hive;

- Copy the key class cell (OK), and the key security cell (currently done in a hackish way; proper way: call the CmpAssignSecurity* function);

- Add more clean-up on failure;

- Warn in code about the fact that CmpDeepCopyKeyInternal is recursive, and will easily exhaust kernel stack. This function will need to be reworked later...

CORE-10793 CORE-10796

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[NTFS] - Fix IncreaseMftSize(); check IrpContext to see if waiting for exclusive access to the MFT is allowed. As pointed out by Pierre.

-Added IShellFolderBand and stubbed its methods.

-Implemented InitializeSFB.

-Tested enumeration of IShellFolder within CISFBand.


* Added individual icons loading for each app

The icons are loaded by the Name field in the DB for the proof-of-concept.

It falls back to default icon if none present.

TODO: It would be best to make another entry there for icon name.


* Fix gcc build.

* Remove magic.

* Address nitpicks.


Fixed registry value display for values that are too long to fit inside the shitemid.

Set the maximum for shitemid embedding back to a smaller number.

[WINTERNL.H]: Fix the value of OBJ_VALID_ATTRIBUTES, and add the definition for OBJ_FORCE_ACCESS_CHECK.
[SECUR32_APITEST]: Add the beginnings of an apitest for secur32, based on code by Samuel Serapion & MSDN. What needs to be fixed here, is the client/server code to communicate the results back to the main test app being running. Work in progress.
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[NTOS]: Drastically reduce the hackish function CmpGetRegistryPath() for the text-mode setup case (it should ultimately completely disappear).
[USETUP]: Experiment more with updating/repairing the registry.

Currently partly blocked by CORE-13448.

[USETUP]: Mark some variables as 'static'.

* Fixed NT object symbolic link target retrieval.

* Fixed NT path parsing (didn't consider paths sub sub-folders in them).

* Fixed BindToObject to properly resolve the target path for symlinks.

* Made the maximum embedded content length for registry keys a bit bigger.

[CMLIB]: Use the generic allocator functions, and fix build.
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[CMLIB]: Implement the dynamic array of the hive cell reference tracker.
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Improve the GetDisplayNameOf logic from "badly broken" to "seems to work". I'm not convinced it's perfect, but it's better than before.


Fix crash showing registry keys that have values.

CORE-13456 #resolve

Sync to trunk r75154.
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[WIN32K:NTUSER] -IntSetThreadDesktop: Don't close the previous desktop handle. Fixes a lot of tests. Based on a patch by Sebastian Gasiorek. CORE-13463
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[USER32_APITEST] -Initial tests for desktop reference numbers.
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- Correctly use the page heap's lock in RtlLockHeap/RtlUnlockHeap when appropriate. Fixes assertion failure when Global/Local memory allocations are performed concurrently with DPH enabled.

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[USER.EXE]: Addendum to r75126: add a (dummy) version resource to USER.EXE so as to fix error 1812 "ERROR_RESOURCE_DATA_NOT_FOUND" encountered when starting the DirectX 9.0 installer. From patch by Stas'M, thanks!


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- In MiDeletePte, check the ReferenceCount of transition PTEs, not the ShareCount (which is actually u2.Blink, since the page is in a modified/standby list). Also don't reset the PageLocation, since MiDecrementReferenceCount expects it to be anything but ActiveAndValid.

Fixes physical page leaks when using DPH, or other code that sets PAGE_NOACCESS.

CORE-13311 #resolve

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That shouldn't have been committed in r75125. Thanks Thomas!
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Add the missing root backslash to the symbolic link path. Fixes CORE-13457