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[CONSOLE.CPL]: Simplify some parts of font.c code.

- Use a helper function "AddFontToList" to add font names into the font list;

- Use string-safe functions where needed.


- In PDEVOBJ_vRefreshModeList, restore the current mode pointer, ppdev->pdmwDev, to a valid value.

CORE-13097 #resolve


Fix heap corruption in EnumDisplaySettingsExA/W:

- Do not overwrite the user-provided buffer size in dmDriverExtra

- Fix broken pointer arithmetic


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[ACCESS]: Fix french el-typo, noticed by Kyle Katarn. Thanks!



- Silence Firefox/Safari debug spam

CORE-12853 CORE-12128 CORE-11135


- In MiFlushTbAndCapture, only print a fixme if we actually need to do something.

CORE-12074 #resolve


- Fix build


[CONSOLE.CPL]: Addendum to r74397: Fix a cast.
[CONSOLE.CPL]: Add a list of available code pages in the console properties dialog.

Display a list of available code pages, as done on Windows (NT/2k/2k3/Vista/7/8, when a CJK language is selected, and as always done on Windows 10 for all languages).

But contrary to Windows, do not limit this list to only CJK + CP-437 codepages, but list *all* the available CPs, retrieved from the registry. These CPs are also those available when using the "chcp" or "mode con cp" commands.

And contrary to Windows (where this is done only for the general console properties), always allow the user to view or change the code page even from the console properties dialog.

[CONSRV]: Support changing the current code page from the console properties dialog.


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Update the shown date and time on the Date and Time page until the user changes the date or time.



- Fix ROS-Diff. Spotted by CRLF.

CORE-13117 #resolve


- Make a copy of the service list where service and display name strings are separately allocated. We need this to update the service names rather than reload the list when the display name is changed.

- Write the display name, description or binary path to the registry when the user changed them.

- Disable the Edit button after it has been clicked.

- Do not add the service name to the argument vector in the call to StartServiceW. Services.exe already add the service name to the vector.



Implement all corner cases of handling the Name parameter in EnumPrinters. This can be done in a common way for all levels.

Fixes more tests.

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[NTOSKRNL] CcPurgeCacheSection: Check if SharedCacheMap is NULL. Change suggested by ThFabba. CORE-13115

- In NtMapViewOfSection, check for address alignment after validating the handles. This fixes the tests from the previous commit, but is also necessary because information about the section object is necessary to avoid the alignment checks for physical memory sections.



- Check for ROS section object before accessing the AllocationAttributes member in NtMapViewOfSection, since ARM3 sections use a different structure.


[ACPPAGE] Implement custom compatibility mode selection + Expand paths CORE-10375
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[ACPPAGE] Update translations based on slayer. CORE-10375

Translators, please check your language, some text was changed!

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- Remove an unneeded header inclusion;

- Fix a sizeof invocation;

- RegEnumKeyExW and RegEnumValueW take their fourth parameter (size of key / value name, resp.) as a size in number of *characters* (and not in number of bytes);

- Add a missing RegCloseKey call in LocaleList_Create.


- Reset DebugDpcTime before calling timer DPC routines. Avoids spurious "DPC routine > 1 sec" break-ins.


- Avoid reference leaks in failure cases of MmCreateCacheSection



- Fix buffer overflow in DIB_BltFromVGA. A byte fits two pixels.


Romanian resources maintenance

Patch by Ștefan Fulea.


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[SHELL32] Fix for BuildPathsList, this solves some problems showing while copying folders. Patch by 'Gleb'. CORE-8434
[SHELL32] -CDesktopBrowser: Clone the pidl passed to SHOpenNewFrame as it will later free it itself. This was masked by a hacky cast.

- Never use special pool for prototype PTEs. Avoids "(PointerPte >= (PMMPTE)MmPagedPoolStart) && (PointerPte <= (PMMPTE)MmPagedPoolEnd)" assertion failure in MiDecrementShareCount.



- Fix uninitialized variable use in IntGetIcdData



- Avoid stack buffer overflow in ParseV4Address



- Use the number of WCHARs, not the number of ANSI chars in GetCharABCWidthsA. Fixes stack corruption when running gdi32_winetest:font



Updating Turkish Translation

Patch by Erdem Ersoy.


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