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[REACTOS]: Russian translation update part 1/2 by amber.


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[CMD]: Update the description of the START command, with the commutators that are known to work.

Translators, please update the translations based on en-US!

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[USETUP]: Also adapt the INFCONTEXT structure here.
[WELCOME]: Diverse improvements:

- Compute once, when loading the list of topics with their associated commands, their special arguments or starting paths. The computed values can then be used each time a topic command is invoked.

- Distinguish between runnable commands (aka. external executables or files to be started), and internal actions like <msg> and <exit>.

- I have recently discovered that Windows' welcome.exe could also use a custom (OEM) "welcome.ini" file, much like what we already supported: see http://i.imgur.com/Se3IoQN.png .

To make ours backwards-compatible with Windows' one, rename the "Button" keyword into "MenuText", and introduce two new keywords "ConfigCommand" and "ConfigArgs" that specify respectively the command to be started

and its associated arguments. We continue to support our "Action" keyword for specifying internal actions.

- Improve the loading of the localized resources from the INI files.

- Correctly print the ReactOS version text, at a correct position depending on whether the checked box is display or not.

- Simplify some StringCchCopy + StringCchCat calls into StringCchPrintf.

- Simplify the code that creates the different fonts to be used within the program.

- Use more readable resource ID names.

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- CTrayWindow: Implement the IContextMenu interface. This will be used by the CBandSite to query the context menu of its site (the CTrayWindow) and add it in its context menu.

- CTrayWindowCtxMenu: Use Shell_MergeMenus in QueryContextMenu and respect its parameters.

[FONTS] Add substitutes for the System font, and remove a hack for the System font. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. CORE-9222
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Integrate the USERINIT changes r75295, r75302 and r75303 from the setup_improvements branch back to trunk.
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[WELCOME]: UI improvements:

- Allow only one running instance of the Welcome application at a time.

- Implement translating \xhhhh hexadecimal character specifications in topic text descriptions.

- Allow using the keyboard for navigating amongst the topics, and ENTER key presses to run the selected topic command.

<rant> *OF COURSE*, because we are ReactOS *SO* we are *buggy* (well, user32/win32k), keyboard navigation via arrow keys *DOES NOT WORK*!! (only navigation via TAB key do work) 8^(((( </rant>

This however works OK on Windows.

- Improve topic buttons activation when mouse hovers around above the window, as well as when window activation is lost or regained.

- Change the default text font to Tahoma.

- Don't hardcode white brush, but instead use stock object WHITE_BRUSH. Similarly, don't hardcode text black colour, but instead use the ambient text colour of the system.

- Add keyboard shortcuts to the default topic items.

- Shift the window ID of both the checkbox and the Exit buttons to be below a fixed topic-button base ID.

- In GetLocaleName(), use more explicit returned-variable names (cchRet, because it's a returned string length in character numbers).

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On dismount, you can either use: net use /delete <drive>: or net use <drive>: /delete


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[REGEDIT] Pre-select the text in the edit dialog.

-Rename constructors from Class_Creator to Class_CreateInstance. Prepend the ones that are exported from rshell with RSHELL_. The reasoning is that rshell will always use our code but whether or not internal classes will be used in shellmenu lib will be controlled by preprocessor definitions in shellmenu.h


-Rename more constructors to use the _CreateInstance suffix.


- The functions that let rshell export some objects have the RSHELL_ postfix but they are not exported as such.


- Rename _CStartMenu_Constructor to _CStartMenu_CreateInstance.

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- clicking the blank dark gray area will now reset the selection -- patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ

CORE-13452 #resolve


Misc. fixes by Thomas


Fix build?


Fix MSVC build by Thomas.


Import the nfsd deamon from the nfs41 project.


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[NOTEPAD] Fix default font settings. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ. CORE-13037
[FONTS] Improve the font-substitution for Franklin Gothic Medium to better match the original font. This improves Luna's start button. CORE-12877

Add a loop at the end of SchedServiceMain that will run until a stop event is signaled. This loop will be used to run the schduled jobs.

[CALC] Explicitly link against comctl32. Patch by Carlo Bramini. CORE-10727
[EXPLORER] -Use WM_POPUPSYSTEMMENU to open the system menu of a window. CORE-13400
[EXPLORER] -Fix the return value in HandleShellHookMsg. Suggestion by Christoph.
[EXPLORER] -Revert a hack from r63304 that caused CORE-13388. This hid another bug and the correct way to fix this is to return MA_NOACTIVATE to WM_MOUSEACTIVATE.
[EXPLORER] -Open the start menu on mouse down. Patch by Joachim Henze (reactosfanboy). CORE-13375

Avoid JOBs overrunning in LoadJobs().

- Define JOB_NAME_LENGTH and use it instead of hardcoded values.

Based on a patch by Victor Martinez Calvo.



- fix incorrect file extension management -- patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ

CORE-12354 #resolve


- fix incorrect image resizing -- patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ

CORE-10719 #resolve

[EXPLORER]: Fix what appears to be a copy-pasta error: use the correct window class names in the corresponding message maps. Validated by Giannis Adamopoulos.
[IEXPLORE] Sync with Wine Staging 2.9. CORE-13362

79d01be iexplore: Follow translation version info to detect native IE.

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[XCOPY] Sync with Wine Staging 2.9. CORE-13362

373604f xcopy: Avoid using isdigit() for WCHARs.

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