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- Determine and adapt to actual status bar height instead of assuming a fixed height. This improves theme support.


- Remove Czech koruna from currency conversions... their exchange rate is not a constant

- While here, add new Euro currencies, and improve the accuracy of some conversion rates

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[MSTSC] Addendum to r74577. CORE-13263
[MSTSC] Fix BSOD when we can't acquire context from CryptoAPI. CORE-13263 #resolve
[MSTSC] Fix parsing of settings. Patch by Stas'M. Thanks. CORE-13223
[MSTSC] Send computer name as client name when available. Patch by Stas'M. Thanks. CORE-13237
[MSTSC] Fix unwanted change
[MSTSC] Fix adding module name and IP to logon packet. Patch by Stas'M. Minor modification by me. Thanks. CORE-13234
[MSTSC] Enable taking settings folder using SHGetFolderLocation instead of using "c:\". Patch by Stas'M. Thanks CORE-13225
[MSTSC] Fix image corruption in 24bpp mode CORE-13224
[MSTSC] Switch most MSTSC from internal "ssl" functions to CryptoAPI and implement/enable certificate functions CORE-13259
[MSTSC] Fix build
[MSTSC] Bring MSTSC closer to latest rdesktop (1.83) CORE-13258

- Display download URL in information panel. Patch by Alexander Shaposhnikov.

CORE-12442 #resolve

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- Avoid two cases of uninitialized variable use in GetEventUserName. Based on a patch by Víctor Martínez Calvo. CID 1401250

CORE-12798 #resolve


- Make user name caching actually work



- Make a copy of the service list where service and display name strings are separately allocated. We need this to update the service names rather than reload the list when the display name is changed.

- Write the display name, description or binary path to the registry when the user changed them.

- Disable the Edit button after it has been clicked.

- Do not add the service name to the argument vector in the call to StartServiceW. Services.exe already add the service name to the vector.


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Romanian resources maintenance

Patch by Ștefan Fulea.


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Updating Turkish Translation

Patch by Erdem Ersoy.


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Applied hotfix for russian translation.

Patch by Sergey Stopkin.



Track changes to the general and and recovery pages.


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Fix vertical aligment of the digits in mines.bmp.

Patch by Andre Semaki.



Update russian translation.

Patch by amber.



Fix outdated russian translation.


Update the russain translation.



Added RU translation to the AT command.


Added RU translation to the blackshade theme.


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Improve the time parser to handle 12-hour and 24-hour formats correctly.


As long as we use the current "db" format, keep these ones alive.

[RAPPS][RAPPS_NEW] Finally replace rapps with rapps_new.

CORE-13017 #resolve

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Minor corrections in Uzbek.

Patch by Kudratov Olimjon.

CORE-12907 #resolve #comment Thanks a lot!

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