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[REACTOS]: Russian translation update part 1/2 by amber.


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[XCOPY] Sync with Wine Staging 2.9. CORE-13362

373604f xcopy: Avoid using isdigit() for WCHARs.

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Romanian resources maintenance

Patch by Ștefan Fulea.


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Updating Turkish Translation

Patch by Erdem Ersoy.


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Applied hotfix for russian translation.

Patch by Sergey Stopkin.



Fix outdated russian translation.


Added RU translation to the AT command.


Added RU translation to the blackshade theme.


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Improve the time parser to handle 12-hour and 24-hour formats correctly.


- Fix MSVC build


- Confirm deleting all jobs.

- Fix typos in resources and add missing usage text.


- Retrieve the users short day names instead of hardcoded day names.

- Fix resources.


- Implement the DaysOfWeek parser and display code.

- ParseDaysOfMonth: Handle a failure case.

- Fix display bugs.


- Replace ARRAYSIZE() by _countof().

- Implement parsing of days per month schedule information for the /every and /next options.

- Print days per month schedule information.


Fix duplicate resource string.


Implement the AT command:

- The /every and /next options are not supported yet.

- The 12 hour time format cannot be parsed yet.

[WMIC] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. Dedicated to Hermès. CORE-12823

b21f4d0 wmic: Improve cmd line parser and add support for path command.

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[REG] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

68c1765 reg: Simplify help handling by removing an if-else if-else block.

8a8a753 reg: Fix dword conversion on 64-bit operating systems.

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* Revert r73869 because wmi was mentioned nowhere in CORE-9111, nor in our tree restructure wiki, nor any developers discussions. This is the ReactOS trunk, not a branch.
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[WMI]: Gather all the user-mode components of WMI inside base/wmi/, as part of the ReactOS source code tree restructure. This gives an idea how this can be done for other ReactOS components.


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[MOFCOMP]: Add the MOF compiler stub from Wine, which allows fixing the very last step in the installation of Office 2010.

CORE-12811 #resolve


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[TREE]: Rework the utility (use explicit UNICODE, use WIN32 types, remove useless dependency to user32...), and add support for console ConUtils streams.

CORE-12677 #resolve

[HELP] Small grammar correction. Based on parch by Doug Lyons. CORE-12669 #resolve
[TRANSLATION] Massive resource maintenance update. 2 oatches by Ștefan Fulea. Thank you! CORE-12326
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[MODE] Add Russiam Translation. Based on a patch by Nikolay Burshtyn. Thank you. CORE-12202
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[WHOAMI]: Use the conutils (stream) library for console output (see also r65894).

CORE-8965 CORE-10504

[CONUTILS]: Remove that overengineered splitted library stuff, and just rely on the splitting of the source code files instead. This is simpler and does the same job as I wanted to do initially (thanks Amine and Thomas for the feedback).

CORE-10504 #resolve

[APPS]: Use again just the conutils library.

The effect of these two modifications above is to partly revert r73024 (the code splitting remains on the contrary).

[CMAKE]: Remove the "evil workaround" (revert r73027). See CORE-12206 for more details.

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[MORE]: Rewrite almost completely the MORE command, taking advantage of the console pager functionality of the ConUtils library (see CORE-10504 and commit r73024).

- When displaying files, display the percentage of file read so far in the "Continue" prompt. Otherwise (when being piped or feeded from StdIn), just display the "Continue" prompt without percentage.

- Try to detect the text file encoding (ANSI, UTF16-BE/BE w/ or w/o BOM; UTF-8 to do!!) before displaying it. See the code for more details.

NOTE that the other functionalities of more (being able to scroll one line at a time, other command-line switches, etc...) are still not implemented yet.

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- Introduce new functionalities related to console streams, a console screen management api (almost stubbed), a console pager api (adapted from code from CMD). This new functionality will be used in the future. See CORE-10504 for more details.

- As this library is therefore growing up, split it in small parts (sublibraries) that can be used, with the following dependency scheme: base utils (standalone); streams depending on base; screen depending on streams; pager depending on screen.

[APPS]: As a result, modify the CMakeLists of the different apps that use conutils to make them depend on the correct sublibrary.

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[MODE]: Forgot this change too (related to kbd rate before delay).
[CLIP]: Check read status before number of bytes read. Update main resource file.

[COMP]: Code style fix; remove an unused define.

[EVENTCREATE]: Remove an unused define.


- Remove unneeded headers; minor code formatting.

- Remove an unused define.

- Add placeholder Czech resource translation.

[MODE]: Update translation (part 2/x); show the keyboard rate before the delay.

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