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[WS2_32] Dereference socket in case of parameter check failure. Thanks Thomas. ROSTEST-278
[WS2_32] Add some parameters check for getsockname. Use value size for size check instead of type in bind. ROSTEST-278
[WS2_32] Perform parameters check on bind. ROSTESTS-278
[FSLIB]: Minor fixes:

- Stub and export VfatxChkdsk();

- Sync and fix the file code headers;

- In the libs, use NTAPI instead of WINAPI;

- Use 4-space indentation (instead of tabs).

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[KERNEL32] Format the stack trace generated on an unhandled exception so that log2lines can parse it. CORE-13232 #resolve
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[SHIMS] Add IgnoreDebugOutput shim CORE-10369
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[SLAYER] Remove the shell extension. CORE-13111 #resolve
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[APPHELP] Initial implementation of ApphelpCheckRunAppEx. CORE-10368
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- Fix logic error in LdrpInit that caused us to busy-wait instead of sleep. This makes LibreOffice start up in a few seconds instead of sitting around at 100% CPU for a minute or two.

CORE-13268 #resolve

[UXTHEME] -Use and RTL handle table for HTHEME handles. In this way we can ensure that a value we take is valid even if it is non NULL. We can also detect leaks.
[UXTHEME] Greatly reduce the number of times we open the theme data for the non client area.

- Implement OTD_NONCLIENT for OpenThemeDataEx and OpenThemeDataFromFile.

- Open the WINDOW or the SCROLLBAR theme classes only when needed. Use OpenThemeDataEx instead of the internal MSSTYLES_OpenThemeClass. Cache the open theme in the WND_DATA for later use.

[UXTHEME] -Rename WND_CONTEXT to WND_DATA to avoid confusion with the DRAW_CONTEXT. The WND_DATA is information valid throughout the life of a window and DRAW_CONTEXT is information throughout a draw operation in the non client area of the window.

- Implement FilterConnectCommunicationPort

- Add the remaining IOCTLs fltlib sends to the fltmgr

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- Add custom draw function for the codepages listview.

- User gray text color for codepages that cannot be uninstalled.


[UXTHEME] -Remove a debug print that was never meant to be committed.
[UXTHEME] -Apply some suggestions by Thomas.
[SHELL32]: Fix a FIXME: Recognize the media type for formatting, by calling GetDriveTypeW(). Based on what format.com does too.

Advanced page: Show code pages again.

- Use SetupFindFirstLine and SetupFindNextLine to enumerate all code pages.

- Use heap memory functions instead of global memory functions.

- Get rid of TCHAR.


- Hack: Do not fail if EnumSystemCodePages returns FALSE.

[UXTHEME] -ThemeDrawCaptionText: Try to avoid a heap allocation when getting the window caption.
[UXTHEME] -Simplify ThemeDrawCaptionText.
[APPHELP][SHIMLIB] Forward some events to loaded shims. CORE-11329
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[UXTHEME] -Fix the tab background pattern hack when the background pattern is smaller than the window that we are trying to paint. CORE-13147, CORE-13192.

There is still a bug where the pattern doesn't change after a theme change.

[SHELL32] Add stub for SHEnumerateUnreadMailAccountsW, needed by Thunderbird. Found by Joachim Henze. CORE-13229
[DESK.CPL] -Addendum to 74506 which was a bit rushed. Make it possible to apply a theme that was opened by double click. Also add the active theme in the list of themes if it was not enumerated in the themes directory.

- Fix AddCommasW

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More build fixes.
Fix build.
[DESK.CPL] -Implement opening msstyles files.
[CONSOLE.CPL]: Fix the console window preview:

- turn it into a custom control;

- supports dynamic preview area depending on the actual current monitor screen resolution;

(note that on ReactOS, the WM_DISPLAYCHANGE is not correctly sent, see CORE-13212, therefore this functionality won't show up yet)

- supports correct rescaling of the console preview drawn in the preview area;

- supports dependence of the console preview with respect to the chosen font character dimensions.

The code is there, it may be a little bit improved in the future.

CORE-13196 #resolve

Other additions:

- Add a few space between the console preview text window border and the text sample;

- PaintText and PaintStaticControls do not need to return anything.

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[CONSOLE.CPL]: Minor modifications:

- Use "hDlg" (as done in the rest of the code) instead of "hwndDlg";

- Refresh the console window preview whenever a dimension or a position was changed.