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- Shorten some strings to make MSVC happy.

Maybe fix MSVC build

Add German translation

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Somehow this wasn't committed. Sorry.
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- Move Mesa 3D to "Libraries"

- Clarify what this library is for and how to use it.

- Add Czech translation.


- Add Czech translation.

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- Add a simple applet to set a custom OGL ICD or force the use of the built in software implementation.

- It can be used to set the DEBUGCHANNEL to +opengl,+wgl to make obtaining debug info more user friendly.

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Disclaimer: This code is ReactOS specific and is the complete opposite of what Windows does (tm):

- Add the option to override the default OpenGL driver by a custom driver or to force the use of the built-in software implementation.

- This will allow some more flexibility when running games / apps that depend on OGL.

- This code needs a special entry in the registry so opengl32 behaves as usual by default.

[VERSION] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

8e1335b version: Ignore flag values in Ex functions.

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[WINTRUST] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

e141d4a wintrust: Use return value of sprintf() instead of calling strlen().

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[WINHTTP] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

6053db9 winhttp: Fix handling of Accept headers.

c43dd19 winhttp: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.

5b9beca winhttp: Fix some spec file entries.

542998e winhttp: Accept NULL buffer for size queries in WinHttpCreateUrl.

ec35394 winhttp: Handle EINTR from connect and poll.

613e239 winhttp: Use return value of sprintf() instead of calling strlen() and simplify code.

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[URLMON] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

1b04cf1 urlmon: Remove 'stub' from implemented functions trace message.

8f23a89 urlmon: Fix FindMimeFromData spec file entry.

32671b1 urlmon: Added Seek implementations for streams using cache file.

aa2ed73 urlmon: Correctly handle INTERNET_STATUS_REQUEST_COMPLETE notification with no data available.

22b4599 urlmon: Fix buffer overflow in parse_canonicalize.

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[USP10] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

d00f731 usp10: Itemise ZWSP like ZWNJ and ZWJ.

721fbf6 usp10: Explicitly check for zero-width control characters in ScriptShapeOpenType().

7e6a4b2 usp10: Fix LB27 rule that should check for prefix, not suffix.

c4626bb usp10: Fixed LB30 condition, breaking after CP class.

0c14195 usp10: Apply 'ccmp' before Arabic contextual shaping.

e2d4cf9 usp10: Fix next index for RTL MultipleSubst.

0401bdf usp10: Change GSUB_E_NOGLYPH value.

10e9adf usp10: Fix Contextual Shaping for Languages with RTL write order.

961e1e6 usp10: Fix ScriptRecordDigitSubstitution spec file entry.

aae5a83 usp10: Implement Chaining Context Substitution Format 2: Class-based Chaining Context Glyph Substitution.

b98a70a usp10: Implement Contextual Positioning Subtable: Format 2.

5e6b2c0 usp10: Implement GSUB Context Substitution types 1 and 2.

c705eca usp10: A spelling fix in a comment.

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[NDK]: No, the NDK applications do not have to use UNICODE.

Indeed the RTL/NDK/whatever always explicitely uses ANSI and/or UNICODE string types where needed (and do not depend on tchar.h stuff).

It is up to the given application to explicitely specify (in its CMakeLists.txt or elsewhere) whether it wants to define UNICODE or not.

--> Fix the problem of having the UNICODE define magically being defined after including some NDK header.

[DNSAPI][USER32_APITEST]: Explicitely use UNICODE functions where needed (and as was already done in other parts of the code).

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[SHELL32] -Fix redrawing the desktop when its size changes. This was broken in 72834.

Replace 'CONTROL ... "Button", BS_AUTOCHECKBOX ...' by 'AUTOCHECKBOX'.

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[BROWSEUI] -CExplorerBand: Stub QueryService method and set the site of the context menu so as to let the context menu find the SID_IShellBrowser when the open menu item is clicked. CORE-11783
[COMCTL32] -Implement sending the BCN_HOTITEMCHANGE notification.
[COMCTL32] -Fix some tests regarding how the v6 buttons gets repainted.
[SYSSETUP]: Translations update.
[NETSHELL]: Fix the height of some dialog boxes.
[NETSHELL][SYSSETUP]: Revert r74134 as it's not the correct fix for what I wanted to improve.
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[COMCTL32]: comctl32/propsheet: Diverse UI fixes:

- Draw static text elements with a transparent background, so that they acquire the correct background color of the wizard window.

- Modify the check for the header bitmap, as the header's hbmHeader is initialized also if the flag PSH_HEADER but not PSH_USEHBMHEADER is set (see function PROPSHEET_LoadWizardBitmaps).

- Add a check for header's hbmWatermark so that the watermark is drawn only when a valid bitmap handle is present.

- Fix a copy-pasta error when drawing the header's subtitle.

CORE-12912 #comment Patch for the wizard visual problem sent upstream.


[NETSHELL][SYSSETUP]: Enlarge a bit the height of the setup wizard pages, to not have the bottom text cropped. Fixes the appearance of them when being run from Windows.
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[UXTHEME] -Fix most new tests for DrawThemeParentBackground. Hackfix CloseThemeData.
[COMCTL32] -Buttons with the BS_PUSHLIKE style are drawn as if they were BS_PUSHBUTTON. Fixes the appearance of buttons in the advanced appearance dialog.
[KERNEL32]: Check for NULL pointer specified to lstrlenA/W and return null length, as specified in the MSDN doc and checked by the tests of r74118.

This should remove the unwanted 1st-chance exceptions caught when debugging Office 2010 installation, that calls from time to time lstrlen with NULL pointers.

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[OLEAUT32] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

43c59f0 oleaut32: Accept DISP_E_PARAMNOTFOUND for missing optional parameters in ITypeInfo::Invoke implementation. (v3)

a4f9840 oleaut32: Fix calling function with instance and VARIANT return type. (v2)

78ee7f5 oleaut32: Standardize the heap_xxx() functions.

9e54ae7 oleaut32: Return proper interface pointers.

655af6d oleaut32: Fix OleTranslateColor spec file entry.

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[RICHED20] Sync with Wine Staging 2.2. CORE-12823

440b921 riched20: Return proper interface pointers.

e63cea5 riched20: A spelling fix in a comment.

9f37f6a riched20: Check for NULL in fnTextSrv_TxSetText and add test.

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[INETCOMM] I guess I asked too much from svn when I renamed the existing file and then added a new one with the same name as the old.