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Patch by Mike Swanson :

This adds support for Esperanto as a language and a keyboard layout based on the one from X.Org.


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[REACTOS]: Russian translation update part 1/2 by amber.


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[APPWIZ] Enable the 'Cancel' button while downloading. Patch by Jared Smudde and 'thc'. CORE-9629

French translation for Eric's work on r75085.



Replace the screen resolution change confirmation message box by a proper dialog box with timeout.


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- Add a message box to ask the user to confirm the screen resolution change.

- The resolution change will be reverted if the user clicks 'No'.

A separate dialog box with a timer will be added next.


- Fix a potential overflow and uninitialized variable in InitNegNumFmtCB().

- Get rid of the now useless string buffer szNewSample.

Based on a patch by Victor Martinez Calvo.



Fix freeing logic in GetSupportedCP().

Patch by Victor Martinez Calvo.



Fix GetDateSetting() overruns.

Patch by Victor Martinez Calvo.



Fix overruns in GetTimeSetting().

Patch by Victor Martinez Calvo.



Prevent wcsncopy overflows in GetCurrencySettings().

Patch by Victor Martinez Calvo.


[SYSDM]: Fix a SendDlgItemMessage(LB_GETITEMDATA) call that missed the index of the list item being selected. This fixes setting the page file for the actual selected disk.

Caught by "cagey45" contributor on the forums: https://reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=16439 ; see also CORE-1151.


- Add custom draw function for the codepages listview.

- User gray text color for codepages that cannot be uninstalled.



Advanced page: Show code pages again.

- Use SetupFindFirstLine and SetupFindNextLine to enumerate all code pages.

- Use heap memory functions instead of global memory functions.

- Get rid of TCHAR.


- Hack: Do not fail if EnumSystemCodePages returns FALSE.

[DESK.CPL] -Addendum to 74506 which was a bit rushed. Make it possible to apply a theme that was opened by double click. Also add the active theme in the list of themes if it was not enumerated in the themes directory.
More build fixes.
Fix build.
[DESK.CPL] -Implement opening msstyles files.
[CONSOLE.CPL]: Fix the console window preview:

- turn it into a custom control;

- supports dynamic preview area depending on the actual current monitor screen resolution;

(note that on ReactOS, the WM_DISPLAYCHANGE is not correctly sent, see CORE-13212, therefore this functionality won't show up yet)

- supports correct rescaling of the console preview drawn in the preview area;

- supports dependence of the console preview with respect to the chosen font character dimensions.

The code is there, it may be a little bit improved in the future.

CORE-13196 #resolve

Other additions:

- Add a few space between the console preview text window border and the text sample;

- PaintText and PaintStaticControls do not need to return anything.

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[CONSOLE.CPL]: Minor modifications:

- Use "hDlg" (as done in the rest of the code) instead of "hwndDlg";

- Refresh the console window preview whenever a dimension or a position was changed.

[CONSOLE.CPL]: Simplify the color selection code by factorizing common parts.

- Get rid of the individual getter funtions. Use GetSelectedComboBoxIndex for all CBS_DROPDOWNLIST comboboxes and GetSelectedComboBoxText for all CBS_DROPDOWN comboboxes.

- Check the relevant settings only!

- Rename SetXxxSettings to GetXxxSettings because it is a getter function.

- Handle the bogus WM_COMMAND/EN_CHANGE message that is sent when the IDC_SECONDYEAR_EDIT edit control is initialized. Controls should NEVER send notifications when they are modified programmatically! :-/


Changed locale options doesn't reload correctly before next reboot.

- Added SetNumberSetting, SetCurrencySetting, SetDateSetting and SetTimeSetting functions to get and check values.

- Don't directly change pGlobalData.

- Post WM_WININICHANGE after all changes have been applied.

Based on a patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.



- Simplify code by using windowsx.h. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.



- Make browse dialog title and filter localizable. Based on a patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.


  1. … 10 more files in changeset.

- Pass byte counts to RegQueryValueEx instead of character counts. Based on a patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.



Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ:

- Use _countof where appropriate

- Prefer sizeof(variable) to sizeof(TYPE)


[CONSOLE.CPL]: Spanish translation update by Javier Fernandez, thanks!

CORE-13187 #resolve

[CONSOLE.CPL]: Fix the console props color buttons (was broken by r74468). Noted by Katayama Hirofumi MZ, thanks!

CORE-13186 #resolve

[CONSOLE.CPL]: Rewrite the way we deal with console font samples in the console properties dialog:

- Remove the font helper functions that were already moved into concfg/font.c in r74462, and use the latter instead.

- Use a double list for listing the available font sizes for a given face:

* a ListBox for raster fonts;

* a ComboBox for TrueType fonts, allowing the user to specify a custom size.

The raster ListBox is wrapped using the LIST_CTL structure so that we can use

the bisection functions on it.

- Allow the user to specify TrueType font size either in pixels or in points. Raster font sizes however are always in pixels.

- Try to remember the nearest font size across different selected face changes.

- Try to support custom-sized TrueType fonts (using the ComboBox's edit field). May need more improvements!

- Retrieve the correct character cell height & width size in pixels when selecting a font (especially when it's a TrueType one).

- We now support bold console fonts too, see CORE-13122 (thanks Katayama!).

- Remove the commented-out "temporary code for future reference".

- Use a global cached font "hCurrentFont" that gets initialized when the console properties applet is created,

so that we now can have a correct font in the screen samples when one directly views e.g. the "Color" tab,

without going first in the "Font" tab. This current font is of course updated whenever one changes the font settings.

Tested with success on Windows 2003, Windows 7 and on ReactOS.

CORE-13122 CORE-13182 #resolve