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- Style changes, typo fixes etc.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.

- Quit CmdParser() as soon as no valid key supplied


- Close the INF file after loading the info


- Added the icon provided by Pi_User5


- Changed "/SETUP" key to "/INSTALL"

- Added support for multiple apps install by "/INSTALL"

rapps /INSTALL 7-Zip AkelPad [...]

- Added INF based batch install with the "/SETUP" key

Works for the full path for the .inf file

TODO: detect if user entered the relative path for the inf and correct it

- Moved CmdParser to include/unattended.h and unattended.cpp


-Added Balloon notification for safely removal icon.

-Added familiar warning dialog when device ejection fails.

-Figured out that 'Problem number' of a device is perhaps an important enumeration filter.

-Minor code cleanup and whitespace fixes.

-Test in win xpvm looks fine, but needs further testing.


- Added headers to CMake file to have them in the VS project


- Added /SETUP key support

TODO: use the short names from db files

- Some style changes

- Conditional creation of the dialogs


- written two functions sendCommand and ProcessEvent

- SendCommand will be used to place a command trb on the command ring and activate doorbell

- ProcessEvent will be called every time we get an interrupt. this function processes all the valid event trbs.



- Refactoring

- A template for a future parameters parser


-minor changes to root hub functions.

-Finally driver is generating multiple interrupts.

-DPRINTS in common functions removed to reduce windbg outputs



-implemented roothub functions.



-Added new battery icons and hotplug icons, thanks to Pi_User5.

-Modified resources for the same.

-Modified CSysTray to support icon hiding feature.

-Modified hotplug.cpp by adding experimental enumeration to test icon behavior.

-Icon behavior successfully tested.

-Added code to eject device, works fine.

-Fixed a bug which didn't showed attached devices after reloading. (like after system restart or explorer restart.)

-Now at least pen-drives are safely removable. (Still experimental though, use at your own risk ;P)

-Tested in winxp vm, needs further testing.

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.

- further changes to scratchpad buffer allocation.

- some additional checks where required.

- control trbs implementation modified.



- various changes to scratchpad buffer allocation.



- Split the rapps.h into multiple headers for easier managing

- Moved headers to include/

- Corrected some typos and moved functions around

  1. … 13 more files in changeset.

- scratchpad buffer allocation.

- scratchpad buffer array allocation.

- need to free the buffer memory in the stop controller function.


[RAPPS] Incorrect "C" symbol replaced in the rest of the files
[RAPPS] Incorrect symbol replaced (why was it there though)
[RAPPS] Bulk install!

- Added ListView class

- Added ListView to a dialog

Dialog shows the install progress of individual apps. It also waits for an installator to finish before issuing another download-install cycle.

- Fixed: Downloads pointing to "\"

- Fixed: Selection data is not retrieved correctly

- Yet again replacing some macros to wide functions

- Minor improvements


-Added hotplug.cpp for handling removable devices notification icon.

-Modified CMakeLists.txt et al to plugin this hotplug to stobject.

-Added basic code to test the hotplug icon and integrate it with stobject.

-Tested in xpvm, needs further testing.


- Added DownloadManager class (static for now)

- Multiple selection launches multiple download dialogs

(Checkbox selection has a priority over Selection when clicking Install)

*A preperation for lauching a single dialog with a list of apps*

- Show currently installing app in the dialog window


-roothub get port status function update



- A quick fix for counter - used a list that is not updated prior to the message

[RAPPS] Making checkboxes useful WIP

- Added selection counter

*NOTE: This requires changes in lang files*

- Added Sellect/Desellect button functionality

- Fixed some typos and macros-to-wide-functions


- Changed the ring structure to a segment model.

- some unnecessary parts of the code removed.

- added a function to write 64bit reg.



-Fixed bugs related to strings and localization (needs further improvement).

-Fixed ContextMenu Position bug (for both power and volume).

-Now battery tooltip is as dynamic as its icon.

[RAPPS] Improvements & multiple selections

- Improved translations view - storing LCIDs now

- Added checkboxes on list view and Select All button (although they do nothing just yet)

- Made download dialogs nonmodal (yay, download and install multiple apps at once!)

- Minor code improvements

[RAPPS] Fixed multiple redraws of the apps list
[RAPPS] Translations

- Implemented HasNativeLanguage() and HasEnglishLanguage()

- Moved config parser to it's own class CConfigParser

- Added translation strings