Mark Jansen

[OLE32] Do not crash on an invalid / empty clipboard.


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[SHIMENG] Enable the Application Compatibility framework by default.

- Also add disabled keys to configure the logging

- Demote a noisy print used in the shim engine.

At this point the shim engine should be functional enough to be used.

One thing that remains is creating more shims(fixes) to use, and implement more features for the already existing ones.


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[ACLAYERS] Add a compatibility shim + layer for the VMWare Horizon setup.

This fixes the setup trying to print some debug strings.

For now the shim has to be applied manually, however the setup does not complete yet.

Patch bits & fixes by Thomas.


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[NTDLL_APITEST] Test unaligned pointers for NtOpenKey


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[ADVAPI32_APITEST] Addendum to 75585, use void pointers to work around gcc ignoring pshpack1.
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[ADVAPI32_APITEST] Test unaligned pointers for RegOpenKeyExW.
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[ACPPAGE] Do not allow shims to be applied to files in System32/WinSxs.


[ATL] Use the AtlThrow helper so we can disable exceptions by defining _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS
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[SHIMENG] Filter shims based on the include/exclude node specified, as well as their presence in certain directories.

- Shims are not allowed on files from System32 / WinSxs.

- Individual shims can override this per module with includes/excludes.

- Shims can specify additional dlls to ignore or include.

- Specify a default list of dlls to be included from system32.


[RAPPS] Delete uTorrent until CORE-13666 is cleared up.
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[UNATTEND] Show how to enable the lautus theme in unattended mode.
[FONTSUB] Russian translation by Sergey Stopkin.

ROSAPPS-339 #resolve #comment Thanks!

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[WIN32SS] Improve GetFontResourceInfoW. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ & Doug Lyons.

CORE-13365 #resolve #comment Thanks!

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[APPHELP][XML2SDB] Code cleanup + add assertions

- Always used pdb or hsdb, no more 'db'

- Add property to an PDB that describes if it's opened for read/write, and assert on this

- Add comments

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[RAPPS] Remove Burnaware free. CORE-12194 #resolve
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[REGEDIT] Fix the search dialog not opening when the root node is selected. Patch by Joachim Henze (reactosfanboy).

Small changes by me.

CORE-13071 #resolve #comment Thanks!

[SDK][XML2SDB] Simplify include / exclude node specification.
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[SHIMENG] Partial rewrite to make the code easier to maintain.

- Protect ARRAY access with macro's / helper functions.

- Do not store objects in the ARRAY data, but store pointers to the objects.

- Rewrite import hooking to use an ARRAY instead of single linked lists.

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[ACPPAGE] Fix the shell extension asking to add an empty layer.
[APPHELP] Various cleanup tasks

- Move debug heap functionality to a separate file

- Clean includes

- Remove msvcrt dependency

- Clean up string usage

- Remove some higher level functions in favor of their ntdll counterparts (wip).

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[APPHELP] Use DbgPrint instead of OutputDebugString + fix SDBAPI_DEBUG_ALLOC
[SHORTCUTS.INF] Move the shortcut creation for screenshot.exe to the new rosapps_shortcuts.inf. Patch by Joachim Henze (reactosfanboy)

CORE-13426 #resolve #comment Thanks!

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[WIN32SS][SHELL32] Fix the location and repaint of the version info shown on the desktop. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.

CORE-13567 #resolve #comment Thanks!

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[SYSSETUP][SHORTCUTS.INF] Add FontSub program shortcut to Start Menu. Patch by Katayama Hirofumi MZ.

CORE-13428 #resolve #comment Thanks!

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[SHIMENG] Pass shim commandline to shims. CORE-11329
[SHIMLIB] Add debug print functionality for shims. CORE-11329
[ACPPAGE] Usability: Convert the edit box to a combobox, ask the user if they want to add the layer when closing the dialog.
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[SHELL32] Do not dereference a nullpointer for logging. CORE-13552